Robotic Inspection for Power &

Reliable and safe energy supply through automated robotic inspection at thermal, nuclear, offshore, onshore, solar, and utility plants.


Personnel Safety


Monitoring Frequency


Saved per avoided shutdown

Optimize Energy Production and Distribution

Increased Plant Availability
Reduced shutdowns for inspections

Reduced Operating Costs
More efficient inspection, less costly on-site interventions

Predictive Maintenance
Real-time data, early detection & holistic planning

Inspection During Operation
Seamless data integration through secure open APIs

Increased Worker Safety
Autonomous robotic inspection in hazardous areas

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What can ANYmal do for Power & Utilities?

ANYmal in industrial setting on inspection mission

ANYbotics provides an end-to-end robotic inspection solution for Power & Utilities. The legged robot, ANYmal gathers thermal, acoustic, visual, and gas information, and interprets the data in real time. Through AI-based navigation and ruggedized design, ANYmal operates in harsh weather and complex facilities, autonomously.

Improving Industry Efficiency through automated robotic inspections

Introduction to ANYmal and Robotic Inspection

Watch this 15-minute webinar and learn about the requirements to onboard inspection robots at industrial plants.

ANYmal legged robot in unpleasant terrain

ANYmal is 100% protected against dust and water

This 2-minute video demonstrates ANYmal’s robust design which is essential for full functionality in harsh, wet, and dirty conditions.

ANYmal Offshore Platform

ANYmal on offshore converter platforms

ANYbotics is partnering with TenneT to evaluate robotic inspection and maintenance on their offshore converter platforms.

ANYmal drives digitalization and robotic inspection

ANYbotics was approached to assess the value of autonomous, automated robotic inspections. Find out why the results excited the Implenia team.

Robot Technology Adoption Roadmap

ANYbotics expert consultation

Talk to an expert

  • Assess technical feasibility
  • Determine operational impact and ROI
  • Design implementation rollout plan
ANYbotics mission simulation

Get your first ANYmal

  • Test mobility at key locations
  • Optimize navigation paths
  • Validate inspection visibility
ANYbotics on site verification

Automate your facility

  • Access data and insights
  • Schedule multiple inspection missions
  • Integrate with your management system

Ready to get started?

Learn More About ANYmal at the Following Events

May 2023 - 02 Jun 2023 London United Kingdom

International Conference on Robotics and Automation

We are excited to participate at ICRA, the largest and most prestigious event of 2023 in Robotics and Automation. The conference will bring together the world's top academics, researchers, and industry representatives.
Dec 2022 2 pm UTC+1 (Berlin) time Online Webinar

Latest I&M Robotic Trends in Energy

Discover the latest Inspection & Maintenance trends, developments and best practices by exploring the role of I&M robotic solutions in asset management and the future of energy.
Dec 2022 3 pm UTC+1 (Berlin) time Online Webinar

ANYmal Product Update Dec 2022

Get an update about our brand new tablet user interface, near-field perceptive walking mode and other highlights from the 2022 product updates.
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