ANYbotics Introduces End-to-End
Robotic Inspection Solution

ANYmal autonomous robot inspection plant
Case Study

Robotic Inspection in
Train Maintenance

ANYmal at Stadler Service AG Essingen Thumbnail
Case Study

ANYmal Makes the Case
at BASF Chemical Plant

Group photo of BASF plant operators and ANYmal inspection robots
Case Study

ANYmal Robots Inspecting
PETRONAS’ Offshore Platform

ANYmal C legged robot climbing stairs on Petronas' offshore oil & gas plant

ANYbotics Announces
CHF 20M Series A

ANYbotics robot lab and team
Case Study

ANYmal Tackles
Construction Safety

ANYmal C legged robot autonomously inspecting construction sites

ANYbotics and maxon
Enter into a Strategic Partnership

maxon ANYbotics partnership

News Coverage

Energy Voice Logo
"Malaysian national oil company (NOC) Petronas and robotics company ANYbotics are co-developing a four-legged dog-like robot for autonomous robotic inspection at offshore oil and gas platforms."
TechCrunch Logo
"We’ve covered Swiss robotics company ANYbotics with some regularity over the years. The company has offered its own take on the quadrupedal robotics space that has, naturally, drawn comparisons to Boston Dynamics’ Spot. Of course, as we noted earlier, the company’s take on the category has been in development for several years, so there may be a case of convergent evolution here."
Global Mining Review Logo
"Adopting a robotic workforce can be a daunting task for operators, as the journey can be long and difficult if not set up correctly. ANYbotics has been building up the resources, tools, and support services to enable successful robot commissioning and onboarding."
hazardex Logo
"ANYbotics’ new fully autonomous four-legged robot ANYmal and it’s inspection analytics software provide a scalable solution to automate routine condition monitoring of equipment and infrastructure."
OGV energy logo
"ANYbotics, the Swiss robotics company, is launching a new end-to-end robotic inspection solution for operators of energy and industrial processing plants."
TechCrunch Logo
"ANYbotics, the creators of ANYmal, a four-legged autonomous robot platform intended for a variety of industrial uses, has raised a $20 million Swiss Franc (~$22.3 million) round A to continue developing and scaling the business."

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