ANYbotics Establishes Platform to
Accelerate Industrial Robotic Inspection


ANYbotics and MicroWatt
Announce Partnership in Canada

Case Study

ANYmal X Tested for Autonomous Robot
Inspections in Ex-zones at BASF

ANYmal X on an inspection mission at Ludwigshafen, Germany for BASF

ANYbotics and Geosystems
Announce Partnership for South Korea


ANYbotics and Nihon Binary
Announce Partnership for Japan

Kiyoshi Ikeda (Head of Sales, Nihon Binary) with Satschin Bansal (VP Partnerships, ANYbotics) at ANYbotics in Zurich.

ANYbotics and Sigma Enterprises
Announce Partnership for UAE

Sigma Enterprises will increase inspection robot deployment in the region's oil & gas, power, chemicals, metals, and transportation sectors.

ANYmal and Photorealistic
Digital Twin at Power Plant

ANYmal conducting a photorealistic digital twin-managed inspection mission at Entega's waste incineration plant.


See ANYmal in action at the following events:

02 05
Oct 2023 Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates


ANYbotics presents ANYmal together with our local partner Sigma Enterprises. We look forward to meeting you to discuss the potential of inspection robotics at your facilities. Meet us at booth 1130 of Mazrui Energy Services.
Oct 2023 Lausanne Switzerland

EPFL´s Start-Up Day

We are looking forward to meeting you at the Forum EPFL. Meet us and learn about our people's culture and exciting job opportunities.
Oct 2023 3 pm UTC+2 (Berlin) time Online Webinar

Product Update: Simplified Robot Operations

In this webinar, you will learn about our latest updates to ANYmal including robot fleet management through the new desktop interface and advanced AI locomotion based on sim-based reinforcement learning and near-field perception.
10 11
Oct 2023 Houston USA

SPRINT Robotics World Conference 2023

ANYbotics and local partner Watch Robotics will present ANYmal at this key event to robotics for I&M.
28 30
Nov 2023 Paris France

ENLIT Europe

Together with Cognite, ANYbotics will showcase ANYmal. Talk to us about innovative robotic solutions for the most urgent energy challenges.


Watch our on-demand webinars:

Introduction to robotic inspection

In this webinar, you will get your first deep dive into the field of inspection robots and how they are revolutionizing heavy asset industries. Robots are increasingly used to enable safer, more automated, and more efficient large-scale industrial operations.

ANYbotics Webinar ANYmal X

ANYmal X Deployments at BASF and Equinor

In this webinar, you will gain first-hand insight from ANYmal X deployments in Ex-zones at Oil & Gas and Chemical facilities.

Operator using the workforce UI for steering ANYmal

ANYmal Product Update December 2022

Introducing easy operation, gas detection, and reality capture. In this webinar, we demonstrate our new tablet user interface for the effortless control and deployment of ANYmal and the UX story behind its creation.

Intro to Ex-proof ANYmal X

This webinar focuses on bringing autonomous robotic inspection into hazardous and potentially explosive environments. Discover how ANYmal X, the world’s first ex-proof legged inspection robot, increases equipment uptime, improves safety, and enhances plant performance.

Robot installation in industrial plants

In this webinar, we provide you a deeper and practical look into ANYmal’s latest software capabilities for industrial optimization.

ANYbotics anymal ex-proof environment

Robotic Inspection in the Oil & Gas and Chemicals Industries

In this webinar, you will learn about the technology and impact of automating routine inspections in the Oil & Gas and Chemicals industries.

ANYmal D is an autonomous robot inspector

Robotic Inspection at Chemical Plants with BASF

In this webinar, you will learn how our robotic solution supports you to enhance equipment uptime, safety, and data-driven decision making.

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