First ANYmal C
Customer Deliveries

ANYmal C Robot Customer Delivery

Advancing Legged
Robotics Research

ANYmal robot locomotion capabilities in unstructured natural terrain

The Next Step in Robotic
Industrial Inspection

ANYmal C legged robot ML industrial inspection action

Robotic Package Delivery
with ANYmal

ANYmal Package Delivery CES 2019

ANYbotics Update
December 2018

ANYmal Offshore Cylinders
Case Study

World’s First
Autonomous Offshore Robot

ANYmal Offshore Platform

ANYbotics Update
September 2018

ANYmal IROS 2018
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News Coverage

IEEE Spectrum Logo
"The latest version of ANYbotics' four-legged robot can do useful real-world inspection tasks."
T.A. Cook logo
"ANYmal's applications include maintenance and reliability reports in the context of machine monitoring as well as sensor reading."
Digital Trends Logo
"ANYmal aims to be the gold standard in dog-bots. It’s capable of autonomously walking, running, and climbing, and can even get back on its feet if it falls over."
The Verge Logo
"Continental has partnered with robotics company ANYbotics to imagine the future of package delivery."
TechCrunch Logo
"Watch the ANYmal quadrupedal robot go for an adventure in the sewers of Zurich. [...] Its latest escapade was a trip to the sewers below that city, where it could eventually aid or replace the manual inspection process."
"This dog-like robot can perform inspections and work in isolated locations without the help of a human"

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