Autonomous robots for industrial inspection

Our end-to-end robotic solution automates industrial inspections. Our robots provide plant operators with the information to maximize equipment uptime and improve safety while reducing costs.

A better way to collect better data

Robotic automation

We serve industrial operators with automated robotic inspections to support their efforts in monitoring and maintaining their plants.

Autonomous mobility

Our four-legged robot, ANYmal, provides actionable insights anywhere and anytime. It patrols complex and harsh environments as an autonomous data collection and analysis vehicle.

Safety & efficiency at scale

Unlike manual inspections or stationary sensors, ANYmal provides complete facility coverage in a scalable, safe, and cost-efficient manner.

Case Studies

Case Study

Robotic Inspection in
Train Maintenance

ANYmal at Stadler Service AG Essingen Thumbnail
Case Study

ANYmal Makes the Case
at BASF Chemical Plant

Group photo of BASF plant operators and ANYmal inspection robots
Case Study

ANYmal Robots Inspecting
PETRONAS’ Offshore Platform

ANYmal C legged robot climbing stairs on Petronas' offshore oil & gas plant

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