See ANYmal in action at the following events:

27 28
Sep 2022 Amsterdam Netherlands

World Conference for Inspection & Maintenance Robotics

Join ANYbotics in this world’s leading event for robotics at booth 46 and learn how ANYmal performs inspection and maintenance missions at industrial plants.
28 30
Jun 2022 Rotterdam Netherlands

European Robotics Forum

Join ANYmal and our team at Europe’s flagship robotics meeting at booth 41/42.
21 23
Jun 2022 Essen Germany

E-World Essen

Together with Accenture, ANYbotics will showcase ANYmal at E-world Essen. Join us at Hall 3 and learn how you can start digitizing your industrial facilities and how to transform all your plant's data into actionable information.
Jun 2022 Online

AI for Good Global Summit

Join ANYbotics’ CEO in the AI for Good webinar to learn how AI-powered robots create a safer work environment while reducing maintenance and inspection costs.
May 2022 - 02 Jun 2022 Hannover Germany

Hannover Messe

Watch ANYmal live at Cognite's Booth A33 in Hall 5 and learn how robotics will help transform and scale your digital initiatives.
23 27
May 2022 Philadelphia USA

ICRA 2022

Watch ANYmal at the the flagship conference of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society. ICRA will bring together the world's top researchers and most important companies to share ideas and advances in the robotics field.
11 12
May 2022 Berlin Germany

AWS Summit: Robotics-based Plant Inspection

Learn more about ANYmal and robotic inspection at industrial plants in a dedicated session hosted by Accenture at 2:30 pm.
Apr 2022 Online Switzerland

Robotic Inspection in the Oil & Gas and Chemicals Industries

Join us in this webinar to learn about the technology and impact of automating routine inspections in the Oil & Gas and Chemicals industries. ANYbotics will provide an overview of the current technologies and host an interactive discussion with two of the leading Oil & Gas operators - Woodside and PETRONAS - regarding their insights on automated robotic inspections.
Apr 2022 Online

Webinar about ANYmal X – Your Ex-Proof Inspector

In this 30-minute webinar Petronas, BASF, and Woodside will be joining us in a conversation on how to integrate robotic solutions in Ex-proof environments, and the value of high-quality data for smarter industrial operations
22 25
Mar 2022 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

OTC Asia

Together with Petronas, ANYbotics will be presenting ANYmal X, the world's first Ex-proof legged robot for industrial inspection of Oil, Gas, and Chemical plants. Join us at booth E101.
Mar 2022 Online Switzerland

Webinar: Introduction to Robotic Inspection

Learn how to start working with autonomous inspection robots with ANYbotics. In this 30 minutes webinar, you will learn about the requirements to onboard inspection robots at industrial plants, and how to enhance equipment uptime, safety, and data-driven decision making.
Dec 2021 Online

Robotics for Inspection and Maintenance Summit

In this Summit organized by ASME, our CEO Péter Fankhauser will give an introduction on integrating autonomous inspection robots to automate routine inspection tasks and discuss case studies from the Energy, Mining, and Chemicals industries.
Nov 2021 - 02 Dec 2021 Paris France

World Nuclear Exhibition

Join us in Paris at the world's largest civil nuclear exhibition. Meet ANYmal at Stand J117 and discover how we can support the nuclear industry .
Nov 2021 Online

Clean Energy Seminar

In this event, focused on exploring synergies and best practices in on- and offshore wind, solar, and hydrogen industries, we will speak about the contributions of robotics in the transition to clean energy.
Nov 2021 Switzerland

Robot installation in industrial plants

Join this webinar to learn how to generate actionable maintenance insights for safe, smart, and productive industrial operations. In this webinar our VP Software Engineering, Robert Mackenzie will speak about how to plan and manage inspection missions with our user interface.
Nov 2021 Zürich Switzerland

Swiss Robotics Day

Experience ANYmal live and meet our team in person at the Swiss Robotics Day exhibition together with other leading robotics companies.
Oct 2021 Zürich Switzerland

Polymesse 2021

Are you excited to join a high-growth technology company? Visit us at the ETH Zurich job fair to learn about the company and our job opportunities.
Sep 2021 Luzern Switzerland

Talk Plus 2021

Explore new limits with high-tech. Join ANYbotics VP of Hardware Engineering, Mario Maurer, in Technopark Luzern and learn more about our product development: from the idea to market-ready technology. He will be speaking about ANYmal D and the existing challenges and opportunities for SMEs and startups. Join us on Thursday, 2nd September at 5:00 p.m. at Technopark Luzern, ROOT D4, 4th place, 6039.
Aug 2021 - 02 Sep 2021 Bern & Online Switzerland


SINDEX is the leading Swiss trade fair for industrial automation and this year we will be present in Maxon's stand to showcase ANYmal and to talk about Predictive Maintenance, Cyber ​​Security and Artificial Intelligence. Meet us in at BERNEXPO AG, Mingerstrasse 6, 3014 Bern, in Maxon's Stand in Halle 3.0, Stand A-03
Jul 2021 Online

Webinar on Robotic Inspection

Interested to work with robots to generate operational insights on your industrial plants? Learn how to start working with autonomous inspection robots. Watch our webinar and demo and learn how our robotic solution supports you to enhance equipment uptime, safety, and data-driven decision making.
Jul 2021 Online

Virtual Fires Congress

The ' Virtual Fires & Rescue Congress ' is the annual cross-country (DA-CH) symposium for Extended Reality (XR), simulation, robotics and thermodynamics in the field of Safety & Security and this year ANYbotics is participating to talk about ANYmal: The autonomous robot "dog" inspector in harsh environments. Join us online to learn more about robotic solutions for industrial inspection at 11h00 CET time.

Jun 2021 Online

Latest developments in Robotics for I&M

Gain insights into the latest developments in Robotics for I&M in Oil & Gas and Chemicals industries at the upcoming webinar. We will be speaking about the latest developments, challenges, and successes. Join us in this free webinar.
Jun 2021 Online

Wind Energy Technology Summit

Interested to know what emerging technologies like robotics for example will bring to the offshore wind industry? Hanspeter Fässler, Chairman and co-founder of ANYbotics will share his insights and experience during a lecture in the "Masterclass - Supportive technologies for offshore wind energy".
Jun 2021 Online

ICRA 2021: Workshop on legged robots

Join this full-day workshop and learn more about what technological ingredients are missing for the effective widespread deployment of legged robots. Our CEO, Dr. Péter Fankhauser will be speaking about the present challenges and will be presenting our latest ANYmal D.
May 2021 Online

ANYbotics New Inspection Solution

Join this webinar to learn about onboarding autonomous inspection robots to support support equipment uptime, safety, and data-driven decision making. Our CEO, Péter Fankhauser will speak about the impact of automated condition monitoring with autonomous robots on operations among others.
Apr 2021 Switzerland

ANYbotics Webinar

Interested to work with robots to generate operational insights on your industrial plants? The ANYbotics robotic solution supports you to enhance equipment uptime, safety, and data-driven decision making. Learn how to onboard autonomous inspection robots by joining our webinar.
Nov 2020 Online

ROS World 2020

The annual ROS developer conference.
01 03
Jun 2020 Paris France

ICRA 2020

International Conference on Robotics and Automation (cancelled)
Apr 2020 Zurich Switzerland


The largest job fair at ETH (cancelled)
Feb 2020 Oakland, CA United States

Bots & Beer Meetup

At Circuit Launch
Feb 2020 Carmel, CA United States

PwC Emerging Tech Exchange 2020

Humanizing the autonomous enterprise
26 27
Nov 2019 Mannheim Germany

CEF 2019

Construction Equipment Forum (booth nr. 44)
Nov 2019 Zurich Switzerland

Credit Suisse Flagship Event

Thematic Flagship ETH Conference
11 14
Nov 2019 Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates


Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference
04 08
Nov 2019 Macau China

IROS 2019

International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (booth B15)
22 23
Oct 2019 Rotterdam Netherlands

SPRINT Robotics World Conference

Booth nr. 37
Oct 2019 Zurich Switzerland

Robotics and ROS in Zurich Meetup

06 10
Oct 2019 Dubai United Arab Emirates


Technology Week
Sep 2019 Zurich Switzerland

Hack Zurich

Sep 2019 Zurich Switzerland

Digital Festival Zurich

17 21
Sep 2019 Shanghai China

CIIF 2019

China International Industry Fair
Sep 2019 Zurich Switzerland

Swiss Real Estate Innovation Day

20 25
Aug 2019 Beijing China

World Robot Conference

FN Robotics booth B202
Aug 2019 Basel Switzerland

SAP Campus Basel

11 13
Jun 2019 Paris France


10 12
Feb 2019 Dubai United Arab Emirates

World Government Summit

08 11
Jan 2019 Las Vegas United States


Consumer Electronics Show
24 25
Nov 2018 Amsterdam Netherlands

Bright Day

Nov 2018 Lausanne Switzerland

Swiss Robotics Industry Day

29 31
Oct 2018 Zurich Switzerland


Conference on Robot Learning
01 05
Oct 2018 Madrid Spain

IROS 2018

International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (Booth Nr. 48)
11 13
Sep 2018 Odense Denmark


27 30
Aug 2018 Stavanger Norway

ONS 2018

Offshore Northern Seas (booth nr. 1030)
19 22
Jun 2018 Munich Germany


Hall B4, Stand 317
Jun 2018 Zurich Switzerland

Swiss Mechatronics Cluster Breakfast

24 26
Apr 2018 Zurich Switzerland


23 27
Apr 2018 Hanover Germany

Hannover Messe

Hall 2, Stand C39
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