Automate industrial
inspection with ANYmal

World's most capable end-to-end robotic inspection solution
engineered for complex industrial facilities and Ex-rated areas

Automate inspection

Robotic health monitoring of industrial facilities
Monitor assets in operationIdentify thermal anomalies
Detect gas presenceEnable 3D reality capture
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Robot capabilities

World’s most capable autonomous inspection robot
AI-based mobility on four legsAutonomous operation
Inspection intelligenceEnd-to-end integration
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Robotic platforms

Choose between two robot models depending on the industrial requirements



Rugged industrial-grade
An autonomous, highly mobile inspection platform with ready-to-go sensors
ANYmal X

ANYmal X

Inspecting Ex-areas
The robot model for inspection in ATEX/IECEx, Ex-zones in Oil & Gas and Chemicals operations


The value of automating inspection in your sector
A reliable and enduring robot coworker for oil & gas, chemicals, power & utilities, mining & metals, and transport.

ANYmal Research –
a community to advance legged robotics

The ANYmal Research community develops and shares software and other information to improve and extend ANYmal’s capabilities.

Community members have exclusive access to ANYmal’s low-level control software, simulation, documentation, and community support.

Winner of the world’s most prestigious robotics challenge builds on ANYmal

How can your operations profit from ANYmal?

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