Watch a demo of our legged robot ANYmal D

Watch a 6-minute guided demo of the legged robot ANYmal and learn about how to use robotics to automate routine inspection tasks.

What you will see

ANYmal legged robot support team

In this 6-minutes demo you will see:

Introduction to the ANYmal legged robot

The main components of automated robotic inspection

Setup autonomous navigation and show & go inspections

Locomotion over steps and stairs and fall recovery

Example of a fully autonomous inspection mission

Meet your host

Audrey Marullaz

This demo is presented by our Field Engineer Audrey Marullaz. She is an expert in ANYmal and she works closely with our customers in helping them onboarding our four legged robot. Audrey also makes sure our robotic solution solves industries demanding challenges. 

Audrey Marullaz
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