industrial inspection

Increased uptime and improved preventive
maintenance through asset health monitoring

ANYmal automates routine inspection

Regular facility monitoring can be automated and digitized,
complementing fixed sensors and keeping workers out of harms way.

Monitor assets in operation

Detect equipment failures early and take preventive maintenance action to avert costly defects and downtime.
Consistently capture high-quality imagesRead data from manometers, gauges, counters, LCD displays, and valvesDetermine lever status
Set predetermined thresholds for anomaly reportingRetrieve accurate reading-point location and time

Identify thermal anomalies

Powerful, previously undetected insights about the condition of equipment through frequent automated thermal inspection.
Frequently capture consistent high-quality thermal dataDetect invisible anomalies during operations, earlyFocus on circular regions of interest within thermal images
Set high & low thresholds for reporting of anomaliesIgnore background noise through preset temperature ranges

Detect gas presence

Monitor combustible and toxic gas concentration levels in real-time and enable operators to take precautionary measures.
Capture gas concentration levels for hydrocarbon and toxic gasesCover large-scale sites with one device through mobile sensingFind gas sources faster with gas concentration visualization maps
Get real-time gas concentration feedback through the user interfaceDetect a variety of gases through modular sensor types

Create and update 3D models

Perform reality capture during regular inspection missions cheaper and quicker and keep the digital twin updated.
Economically scan facilities during regular inspectionUse integrated Lidar or scanner payloads for high-end resultsAutomate data transfer through cloud and API integration
Build large-scale maps with up to 4 km of walking range in one runExport standard-format maps for post-processing

Mobility and autonomy
for safe inspection

Discover the ANYmal robotic solution capabilities that get your inspection jobs done.

How can your operations profit from ANYmal?