Case Study

ANYmal Tackles
Construction Safety

ANYmal C legged robot autonomously inspecting construction sites

ANYbotics and maxon
Enter into a Strategic Partnership

maxon ANYbotics partnership

ANYbotics Wins
Swiss Economic Award 2020

ANYbotics Swiss Economic Award Winner

First ANYmal C
Customer Deliveries

ANYmal C Robot Customer Delivery

Advancing Legged
Robotics Research

ANYmal robot locomotion capabilities in unstructured natural terrain

The Next Step in Robotic
Industrial Inspection

ANYmal C legged robot ML industrial inspection action

Robotic Package Delivery
with ANYmal

ANYmal Package Delivery CES 2019

News Coverage

hazardex Logo
"ANYbotics’ new fully autonomous four-legged robot ANYmal and it’s inspection analytics software provide a scalable solution to automate routine condition monitoring of equipment and infrastructure."
OGV energy logo
"ANYbotics, the Swiss robotics company, is launching a new end-to-end robotic inspection solution for operators of energy and industrial processing plants."
TechCrunch Logo
"ANYbotics, the creators of ANYmal, a four-legged autonomous robot platform intended for a variety of industrial uses, has raised a $20 million Swiss Franc (~$22.3 million) round A to continue developing and scaling the business."
IEEE Spectrum Logo
"The latest version of ANYbotics' four-legged robot can do useful real-world inspection tasks."
T.A. Cook logo
"ANYmal's applications include maintenance and reliability reports in the context of machine monitoring as well as sensor reading."
Digital Trends Logo
"ANYmal aims to be the gold standard in dog-bots. It’s capable of autonomously walking, running, and climbing, and can even get back on its feet if it falls over."
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