ANYbotics Update
December 2018

ANYmal Offshore Cylinders
Case Study

World’s First
Autonomous Offshore Robot

ANYmal Offshore Platform

ANYbotics Update
September 2018

ANYmal IROS 2018

ANYmal Prepares for the
Soccer World Cup Finals

ANYmal Soccer

ANYbotics Update
June 2018

ANYmal Field Running X-files

How ANYmal got into
The X-Files

X-Files ANYmal

ANYbotics Update
August 2017


News Coverage

The Verge Logo
"Continental has partnered with robotics company ANYbotics to imagine the future of package delivery."
TechCrunch Logo
"Watch the ANYmal quadrupedal robot go for an adventure in the sewers of Zurich. [...] Its latest escapade was a trip to the sewers below that city, where it could eventually aid or replace the manual inspection process."
"This dog-like robot can perform inspections and work in isolated locations without the help of a human"
hazardex Logo
"ANYmal has a proven capability of working in harsh environments with the potential for use in a wide-range of applications. It can operate in rough outdoor locations, crawl through pipes, and access buildings over steps and stairs, making it perfect for use on industrial platforms, in mines, construction sites, or patrolling remote locations."
ETH Globe Logo
"ANYmal, a robot developed by ANYbotics, can see and hear, and even open doors. An international research team is now working to ensure the robot can function in extreme conditions – a mission that takes them to the labyrinth of drains and tunnels below Zurich."
Startup Ticker Logo
"ANYmal has four legs and can operate in any environment. The robot’s developer ANYbotics employs 27 people that bring diverse skills to advance the functionalities of ANYmal to meet market demands. The startup is generating sales from clients from academia and industry - with a fully functional prototype."
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