Early Access to Robotic Inspection in Ex-rated Zones

August 31, 2022 — Eight global innovation leaders including BASF, Borealis, Equinor, Petrobras, SBM Offshore and Schlumberger gathered at ANYbotics in Zurich to launch the scaling of automated inspection at their facilities through the ANYmal X Early Adopter Program (EAP). The industry representatives shared insights of their companies’ initiatives and secured priority access to 2023 ANYmal X production deliveries. This event marked an industry-first milestone in enhancing safety and improving productivity in the Oil & Gas and Chemicals industries through autonomous robotics.

ANYmal X: The Only Robot to Scale Automated Inspections in Oil & Gas and Chemicals

The ANYmal X EAP launch event was held on August 30-31, 2022, in Zurich. Industry participants consistently concluded that ANYmal X, the world’s only Ex-certified legged robot, is the door opener for scaling automated inspection to Oil & Gas and Chemical facilities.

Large asset operators in Oil & Gas and Chemicals require Ex-certified, intrinsically safe equipment (ATEX or IECEx certification) in most of the operational areas and only legged robots provide the mobility to navigate complex, multi-level plants autonomously. The ANYmal X inspection robot is a game changer for end-users and solution integrators to propagate automated inspection, increase health & safety, and benefit from its commercial impact.

ANYmal X: The Only Robot to Scale Automated Inspections in Oil & Gas and Chemicals

ANYbotics developed the ANYmal X EAP for leading innovators in the Oil & Gas and Chemical industries to ensure seamless deployment of inspection robots at their operations. The EAP launch event in Zurich was the first of a series of customer-specific, on-site programs, including the onboarding, integrating and scaling of ANYmal X in operations.

The event itself was a deep-dive into Ex-certified robotics covering the certification process, the scaling of production and supply chains, 3D mapping, data integration, autonomous navigation, and inspection. Leveraging the advantages of an on-site event, participants could get their hands on the ANYmal X inspection robot. This gave attendees a glimpse of the remarkable 3-year ANYmal X engineering journey.

In workshops, customers and ANYbotics exchanged about challenges, insights, experiences, and expectations regarding the effective adoption of autonomous inspection solutions. The workshops reconfirmed that collaboration between innovative end-users, integrators, and solution providers is required to significantly increase the momentum along the automation curve. That’s why the level of insight-sharing experienced during the EAP was invaluable to moving the industry adoption forward together.

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Detailed demonstrations, presentations, technical deep dives and workshops facilitated meaningful exchanges during the EAP.

Securing Access to the Game Changing ANYmal X Inspection Solution

The EAP enables participating companies to roll out the ANYmal X inspection solution smoothly and to secure priority access to 2023 ANYmal X production deliveries. ANYbotics will shortly be extending the availability of ANYmal X to industry at large. With over 500 ANYmal X units already reserved for 2023-2025, ANYbotics is rapidly scaling its production output with its global manufacturing partners.

Oil & Gas and Chemicals professionals and the ANYbotics team taking a deserved networking break at the EAP.

About ANYbotics

Since 2016, Swiss robotics company ANYbotics has developed innovative, intelligent, and integrated robotic solutions that improve workers’ lives, increase productivity, and support more sustainable industrial facilities. Partnering with global technology leaders, ANYbotics provides autonomous, automated, end-to-end robotic inspection solutions, for complex, hazardous, and explosive industrial environments, to large asset operators. ANYbotics is a fast-growing company of over 100 employees focused on supporting the inspection needs of workers in oil & gas, power, energy, mining, processing, chemicals, transportation, and construction.

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