Early Access to Robotic
Inspection in Ex-rated Zones


ANYmal Scores at SPRINT
and ICRA Benchmarks

ANYmal performing at SPRINT Robotics Fitness Challenge, 1-2 June Rotterdam

Robot Training with Computer
Vision and Synthetic Data

ANYbotics unpleasant environment inspection

Cognite, Accenture & ANYbotic's
End-to-End Robotic Solutions

ANYbotics, Cognite and Accenture partner to enable end-to-end robotic inspection solutions

ANYmal X — The World’s First
Ex-Proof Legged Robot

ANYmal X robot for inspection at ex-proof environment

Winner of the Hardest Robotics
Challenge Builds on ANYmal

Winner of the world’s most prestigious robotics challenge builds on ANYmal
Case Study

ANYmal Helps Vale to
Prioritize People in Mining

ANYbotics Partners with Vale to Prioritize People in the Mining Industry


See ANYmal in action at the following events:

Mar 2024 Zürich Switzerland

EY National Trusted AI Conference

 Join us for a day of inspiring and straightforward discussions on the state of Artificial Intelligence in today’s business world.  Click on "Discover More" to visit the event website.
06 08
Mar 2024 Berlin Germany

Global ManuChem

Join ANYbotics at Global ManuChem in Berlin and meet our innovative ANYmal D - the cutting-edge autonomous robot designed to revolutionize operations in the chemical industry. Discover how ANYmal D is reshaping processes with its advanced mobility and intelligent capabilities. Don't miss this opportunity to witness firsthand the future of robotics in the chemical industry. See you there! Click on "Discover More" to visit the event website.
Mar 2024 Rimini Italy

European Robotics Forum

Come be a part of the European Robotics Forum (ERF) where ANYbotics will be presenting on the topic of 'Robots for Nuclear Applications and Emerging Trends,' focusing on the future features and parameters of the ANYmal D robot. Explore the latest developments and trends shaping the field of robotics with us. Click on "Discover More" to visit the event website.
20 21
Mar 2024 Houston North America

ASME Robotics for Inspection & Maintenance Summit

Meet us at RFIM Summit where ANYbotics will be speaking about 'ANYmal D Inspection in Hazardous Areas.' Explore the cutting-edge capabilities and advancements of ANYmal D as it navigates hazardous environments for inspection purposes. Make sure you seize the opportunity to explore the future of robotics in demanding inspection and maintenance environments. Click on "Discover More" to visit the event website.
28 30
May 2024 Skellefteå Sweden

Euro Mine Expo

We are excited to participate at the Euro Mine Expo, the largest international hub for the mining industry and its associated sectors. Meet ANYbotics engineers and ANYmal at our booth! Click on "Discover More" to visit the event website.
10 14
Jun 2024 Frankfurt Am Main Germany


See ANYmal in action at ACHEMA, the world's leading trade show for the process industries. Click on "Discover More" to visit the event website.
29 30
Oct 2024 Antwerp Belgium

SPRINT Robotics World Conference 2024

Meet ANYbotics and ANYmal, your new inspector for your facilities, at the largest world conference for inspection and maintenance robotics. Click on "Discover More" to visit the event website.
11 14
Nov 2024 Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates


ANYbotics presents ANYmal together with our local partner Sigma Enterprises. We look forward to meeting you to discuss the potential of inspection robotics at your facilities. Click on "Discover More" to visit the event website.


Watch our on-demand webinars:

Introduction to robotic inspection

In this webinar, you will get your first deep dive into the field of inspection robots and how they are revolutionizing heavy asset industries. Robots are increasingly used to enable safer, more automated, and more efficient large-scale industrial operations.

ANYmal X

ANYmal X Deployments at BASF and Equinor

In this webinar, you will gain first-hand insight from ANYmal X deployments in Ex-zones at Oil & Gas and Chemical facilities.

Operator using the workforce UI for steering ANYmal

ANYmal Product Update December 2022

Introducing easy operation, gas detection, and reality capture. In this webinar, we demonstrate our new tablet user interface for the effortless control and deployment of ANYmal and the UX story behind its creation.

Intro to Ex-proof ANYmal X

This webinar focuses on bringing autonomous robotic inspection into hazardous and potentially explosive environments. Discover how ANYmal X, the world’s first ex-proof legged inspection robot, increases equipment uptime, improves safety, and enhances plant performance.

Robot installation in industrial plants

In this webinar, we provide you a deeper and practical look into ANYmal’s latest software capabilities for industrial optimization.

ANYbotics anymal ex-proof environment

Robotic Inspection in the Oil & Gas and Chemicals Industries

In this webinar, you will learn about the technology and impact of automating routine inspections in the Oil & Gas and Chemicals industries.

ANYmal D is an autonomous robot inspector

Robotic Inspection at Chemical Plants with BASF

In this webinar, you will learn how our robotic solution supports you to enhance equipment uptime, safety, and data-driven decision making.

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