First ANYmal Research Meet-Up Hosted by ANYbotics in Japan

Zurich~Yokohama, 18 June 2024 ANYbotics, a leader in advanced robotics solutions, is pleased to announce the first ANYmal Research Meet-Up, which recently took place at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) 2024. Held in Japan, this prestigious event gathered the foremost experts and innovators in robotics from around the globe. ANYbotics presented its comprehensive research and academia package, ANYmal Research, a new publication database consolidating all research conducted with ANYmal Research, and the ROS2 migration strategy.

ANYbotics demonstrates ANYmal Research at ICRA 2024, showcasing cutting-edge robotics advancements and research collaboration strategies.

A Hub for Collaboration and Innovation

ANYbotics is proud to have hosted the first ANYmal Global Research Meet-Up, bringing current and potential university partners together at ICRA 2024 in Yokohama. The event strengthened connections within the research community and fostered new collaborations.

Speakers at the Meet-Up included Christian Gehring – ANYbotics Senior Director of Robotics and Co-Founder; Marco Hutter – Professor and Director at ETH’s Robotics Lab and Director at The AI Institute (Zurich office) and ANYbotics Co-Founder and Member of the Board of Directors; Maurice Fallon – Professor at the University of Oxford; and Matthias Eder – Researcher at TU Graz.

The response to ICRA 2024 was overwhelmingly positive: more than 40 universities worldwide expressed their interest in ANYmal Research. The feedback from the research market and the insights into competitors were invaluable and strengthened ANYbotics’ position for further growth and innovation.

The participants held numerous discussions on all areas of robotics, encompassing various topics, including locomotion, navigation, and manipulation. These discussions delved into the intricacies of each area, exploring the latest advancements, challenges, and future directions.

Benjamin Mottis, Global Research Community Manager, and a team of engineers demonstrated ANYmal Research and engaged with the research community. ANYbotics’ participation in ICRA 2024 was supported by its local partner in Japan, Nihon Binary.

ANYmal Research – Empowering Global Robotics Innovation

ANYmal Research is a community that advances legged robotics research and is supported by a vibrant community of hundreds of researchers from leading institutions such as The AI Institute, ETH Zurich, and the University of Oxford.

ANYmal Research recently released a database of all ANYmal technical publications to the research community. The comprehensive list includes ~250 publications submitted by ~500 researchers.

“Members contribute and gain insight into the latest advances in robotics by accessing publications and advanced tools, sharing ideas, and receiving support from the community.”
— Satschin Bansal, Global VP Strategic Alliances & Partnerships, ANYbotics

The ANYmal Research community actively collaborates, fosters innovation, and shares software, insights, and developments to continuously improve ANYmal’s capabilities. Researchers have full access to ANYmal’s control software, simulation environments, detailed documentation, and robust community support. Importantly, community members retain full rights to their work, which encourages innovation and open-source sharing.

” It was fantastic to present some of the research we have done with ANYmal at Oxford over the last 6 years and to make new connections ”
– Maurice Fallon, Professor, University of Oxford

ANYmal Research offers a comprehensive package with deep software access to low-level joint control and high-level applications based on a ROS API. This advanced platform supports the most demanding research projects and provides researchers with the tools to develop, test, and implement ground-breaking robotic technologies.

Robots meet up at ICRA

ANYmal and inspection robots at ICRA 2024: Fostering global research collaborations.

To find out more about software access, simulations, and robust support, or join the innovative and collaborative ANYmal Research community, contact Benjamin Mottis.

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