ANYbotics Celebrates 100th ANYmal Milestone

We at ANYbotics celebrate our latest milestone: The production of our 100th ANYmal robot, a unique golden-bodied edition. The recipient of this special ANYmal was DSM-Firmenich, who didn’t expect an ANYmal in a golden robe…

Golden version of ANYmal lying down before being brought to DSM

At ANYbotics, we are proud to mark a significant chapter with producing the 100th ANYmal robot. This edition, distinguished by its unique golden casing, symbolizes our commitment to the advancement of robotic inspections. DSM-Firmenich, who placed an order coinciding with this milestone, took delivery of this special edition of ANYmal last month, marking a significant step in their journey towards advanced robotic solutions.

ANYmal #100’s Journey to Excellence

The production of ANYmal #100 is a testament to our commitment to quality and excellence. Working closely with Zollner, we have refined the assembly process to meet the increased demand without compromising the high standards we set for our robots. Assembly involves integrating thousands of high-quality components in a modular process where efficiency and quality are continuously optimized to meet our stringent requirements.

After assembly, the ANYmal #100, like all ANYmal robots, was subjected to an extensive test program. This included Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) to test the durability of the individual components under extreme conditions. Our test procedures are designed to ensure reliability and functionality in different operating environments, and this commitment also applies to DSM-Firmenich.

Golden ANYmal tested in the demo area in Zurich

ANYmal #100 in the Testing Area of ANYbotics in Zürich.

ANYmal passing the locomotive test

ANYmal passing the locomotive test.

Integrating ANYmal into DSM-Firmenich’s Operations

DSM-Firmenich’s receipt of ANYmal #100 is more than a transaction; it begins a new chapter in industrial automation and safety. Comprehensive training is essential for integrating ANYmal into DSM-Firmenich’s daily operations. DSM-Firmenich operators have been trained by our team and supported by our field engineers on site. This ensures that DSM-Firmenich is well equipped to take advantage of ANYmal’s capabilities and maximize efficiency and safety in their facilities.

Harald from DSM in training with ANYmal to become an operator

Harald from DSM in training with ANYmal to become an operator.

Improve Worker Safety & Productivity with Autonomous Robots

The production and delivery of our 100th ANYmal robot is more than just a milestone for ANYbotics. It reflects our deep-rooted commitment to pushing the boundaries of autonomous robot technology. Inspection robots such as ANYmal are critical in improving worker safety, increasing productivity, and supporting sustainable industrial facilities. As the industry evolves, the demand for advanced robotic solutions grows, making the 100th ANYmal a symbol of progress and innovation.

DSM receives a personal delivery: ANYmal #100

DSM receives a personal delivery: ANYmal #100.

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