Watch our on-demand webinars:

ANYmal API and advanced integration

Learn how the API and advanced integration options improve communication with various asset management systems and the potential for smarter, autonomous operations through constant machine communication in this 30-minutes webinar.

Meet ANYmal – your robotic inspection co-worker

In this 20-minute webinar, our experts will dive into ANYmal’s locomotion and navigation capabilities. The aim is to create a solid understanding of its capabilities and, in particular, highlight its problem-solving potential in industrial inspection applications.

Aker BP – Pioneering Offshore Inspections

Watch this 40-minute webinar, where experts from Aker BP, Cognite, and ANYbotics share their experiences integrating robotic inspections in offshore Ex-zones and demonstrate the benefits of AI-powered data platforms and real-time digital twins.

Product Update: Simplified Robot Operations

In this webinar, you will learn about our latest updates to ANYmal including robot fleet management through the new desktop interface and advanced AI locomotion based on sim-based reinforcement learning and near-field perception.

Introduction to robotic inspection

In this webinar, you will get your first deep dive into the field of inspection robots and how they are revolutionizing heavy asset industries. Robots are increasingly used to enable safer, more automated, and more efficient large-scale industrial operations.

ANYmal X

ANYmal X Deployments at BASF and Equinor

In this webinar, you will gain first-hand insight from ANYmal X deployments in Ex-zones at Oil & Gas and Chemical facilities.

Operator using the workforce UI for steering ANYmal

ANYmal Product Update December 2022

Introducing easy operation, gas detection, and reality capture. In this webinar, we demonstrate our new tablet user interface for the effortless control and deployment of ANYmal and the UX story behind its creation.

Robot installation in industrial plants

In this webinar we provide you a deeper and practical look into ANYmal’s latest software capabilities for industrial optimization.

Intro to Ex-proof ANYmal X

This webinar focuses on bringing autonomous robotic inspection into hazardous and potentially explosive environments. Discover how ANYmal X, the world’s first ex-proof legged inspection robot, increases equipment uptime, improves safety, and enhances plant performance.

ANYmal X

Robotic Inspection in the Oil & Gas and Chemicals Industries

In this webinar, you will learn about the technology and impact of automating routine inspections in the Oil & Gas and Chemicals industries.

ANYmal D is an autonomous robot inspector

Robotic Inspection at Chemical Plants with BASF

In this webinar, you will learn how our robotic solution supports you to enhance equipment uptime, safety, and data-driven decision making.