Robot installation
in industrial plants

Industrial site managers work hard to optimize production, reduce costs and keep their facilities working 24/7. Watch this 20 minutes webinar and go through the major elements of robotic mission setup and execution. In this webinar we provide you a deeper and practical look into ANYmal’s latest software capabilities for industrial optimization.

Webinar Content

Install inspection robot with ANYbotics user interface

ANYbotics integrates autonomous robots to take over routine inspection missions. Learn how to generate actionable maintenance insights for safe, smart, and productive industrial operations. In this webinar you will learn about:

Principles of setting up ANYmal for autonomous missions

ANYmal’s user interface to plan and manage inspection missions with navigation points and inspection tasks

Taking control of the robot during an inspection mission

Ensuring safety in dynamic environments through obstacle and people avoidance

Enabling end-to-end data collection and integration in your plant management system

Meet your host

Dr. Robert Mackenzie

This webinar is hosted by Robert MacKenzie, ANYbotics’ VP of Software Engineering. He holds a doctorate in biomedical engineering from ETH Zurich and is experienced in scaling technology companies globally and brings expertise in product management, digital collaboration and high-performing (distributed) teams. In this webinar we will guide you through a journey that will help you going from robotic setup to smarter operations.

Robert Mackenzie Webinar host

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