Outokumpu and ANYbotics Sign Deal to Improve Safety and Sustainability in the Steel Industry

Autonomous Inspection Robots ANYmal are Deployed in Three Countries

Outokumpu signed a deal with ANYbotics to improve safety, productivity, and sustainability at their facilities. The autonomous robotic solution ANYmal will automate routine inspection at sites in Finland, Germany, and Sweden. Together with its customers and innovations like ANYmal, Outokumpu continues to drive society forward by setting new standards for sustainable stainless steel.

Essen – 5 April 2023 – Outokumpu and ANYbotics partnered to deploy the ANYmal robotic inspection solution, as announced today at the Green Steel World Conference. Adopting this innovative technology at three different sites in Finland, Germany, and Sweden supports Outokumpu in its goals of continuously improving safety, productivity, and sustainability.
First time in the steel sector, legged inspection robots will be operationally deployed for improving and digitizing facility health monitoring and reducing unnecessary worker exposure to adverse environments. The solution is made available on a Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) basis, and Outokumpu is planning expansion after the initial deployments.

Staff from ANYbotics and Outokumpu stand around ANYmal to celebrate their newly announced partnership

Outokumpu and ANYbotics announce a partnership in robotics at the Green Steel World Conference 2023.

Automated Inspection Drives Safety, Productivity, and Sustainability

ANYmal is an autonomous, robotic end-to-end inspection solution that continuously monitors plant health and equipment. As a ‘ready-to-go’ solution, ANYmal enables customers to automate inspections and add value immediately.

Through frequent automated visual, acoustic, and thermal inspections, ANYmal monitors assets and equipment and detects anomalies at an early stage. This assists Outokumpu in pursuing three goals: Increasing safety by reducing employee exposure to hazardous substances and environments, optimizing production through preventive maintenance, and decreasing environmental impact.

Outokumpu is Shaping the Stainless Steel Industry

By driving and sustaining the momentum of the ANYmal robotic inspection solution in the steel sector, Outokumpu continues strengthening its position as a global leader and innovation driver in stainless steel. Together with its customers and innovations like ANYmal, Outokumpu continues to drive society forward by setting new standards for sustainable stainless steel.

About ANYbotics

Since 2016, Swiss robotics company ANYbotics has developed innovative, intelligent, and integrated robotic solutions that improve workers’ lives, increase productivity, and support more sustainable industrial facilities. Partnering with global technology leaders, ANYbotics provides large asset operators with autonomous, automated, end-to-end robotic inspection solutions for complex, hazardous, and explosive industrial environments. ANYbotics is a fast-growing company with over 100 employees focused on supporting the inspection needs of workers in oil & gas, power, energy, mining, processing, chemicals, transportation, and construction.

About Outokumpu

Outokumpu is the largest stainless steel producer in Europe and the second largest producer in North and South America. Outokumpu is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, and employs people in more than 30 countries.

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