Long-term Outdoor ANYmal Trials Ensures Reliable Autonomous Performance

When ANYbotics developed ANYmal, we envisioned a future where industrial facilities would have tireless robot workers. These robotic inspectors would use visual, thermal, and acoustic sensors to ensure accurate data collection and keep plants running smoothly around the clock. Compared to situational teleoperated robot inspection, an autonomous solution requires an even higher degree of dependability when used at unmanned facilities, at night, and in the presence of humans.

Long-term All-weather Reliability Testing and Continuous Deployment

One element of ANYbotics’ approach to reliability in research and development is long-term in-field testing. By analyzing telemetry data, we continuously assess mobility, validate navigation algorithms, and enhance inspection capabilities. This process is key to refining ANYmal’s performance, ensuring it not only meets but exceeds mission-critical standards.

In-field endurance testing involves mobility, navigation, and inspection.

ANYmal Refines Unrivaled Performance 24/7 in All Weather

At the EWZ substation in Zurich, ANYmal tirelessly makes its rounds 365 days a year, regardless of the season or weather conditions. ANYmal’s robust design focuses on precision and reliability, while its IP67 rating ensures full functionality in demanding, wet and dirty environments, in heavy rain and snow.

ANYmal undergoing all-weather field testing at a power distribution facility.

Remote Operation for Situational Intervention

In addition to its robust performance, ANYmal is characterized by its seamless integration into operational teams. If ANYmal detects an anomaly during an inspection, it can immediately alert operators, ensuring timely response and intervention regardless of the operator’s location.
This enables operators to intervene in situations, comprehensively review data, and solve problems in real-time.

If an anomaly occurs, operators can remotely access ANYmal

ANYmal not only performs tasks, it creates a unique user connection, offering unparalleled support and communication. This human-robot synergy is central to ANYbotics’ vision.

ANYbotics continues to pioneer the field of robotic inspection. Our goal is to create a fleet of autonomous robots where efficiency, reliability and performance are paramount. ANYmal is not just a step forward on this journey, but a transformative leap that is reshaping the future of industrial innovation.

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