First ANYbotics Reseller Summit Drives Global Inspection Transformation

January 22, 2024 – Zurich The ANYbotics Reseller Partner Summit, recently held in Zurich, brought together 25 participants from 8 countries for a three-day immersive experience. The goal was to deepen collaboration and equip global reseller partners with tools for joint market success in 2024. The event featured hands-on workshops, networking opportunities, best practice exchange, and a product showcase. By incorporating ANYmal robotic inspection technology into their portfolios, the expanding ANYbotics reseller partner network is transforming industrial inspections worldwide.

ANYbotics Reseller Summit 2024: Global Collaboration for Success

The first ANYbotics Reseller Partner Summit occurred from January 15 – 17, 2024, at the ANYbotics headquarters in Zurich. The three-day event, attended by 25 participants from 8 countries, provided an immersive experience and a dynamic platform to foster closer relationships between ANYbotics and its global reseller network. The main objective was to deepen collaboration, share best practices, and equip participants with the latest tools and insights for joint market success in 2024 and beyond.

The event featured a comprehensive program to enhance collaboration and knowledge-sharing among the reseller community. Collaborative workshops explored new avenues for joint marketing and innovative solutions. A best practice exchange enabled partners to share success stories, market challenges, and valuable insights to achieve strong sales performance in 2024. The summit also included a product showcase, where ANYbotics presented its latest tools and insights and gave resellers an exclusive preview of innovative technologies that will shape the market in 2024. Networking sessions facilitated relationship building between ANYbotics and its global reseller partners to ensure a successful 2024.

global reseller summit - Enzo wälchli CCO speaking
ANYbotics global reseller and partner summit networking

Demonstrations, technical deep dives, and workshops facilitated meaningful exchanges during the Summit.

Transforming the Industrial Inspection Landscape – Globally

The global demand for automated inspection robots is steadily increasing, especially for large plants in various sectors such as oil and gas, chemicals, energy, railroads, and mining. With its innovative inspection robot technology, ANYbotics plays a decisive role in the worldwide spread of autonomous inspection.

The company’s global reseller network has strategically incorporated ANYbotics’ robots into their portfolios, transforming the inspection landscape in their respective regions. This collaboration involves the convergence of industrial optimization and advanced-legged robotics expertise, enabling the delivery of unparalleled industrial inspection solutions. By leveraging the strengths of its reseller partners, ANYbotics can effectively address the specific needs of local industrial facilities and enhance customer support.

Growing ANYbotics’ presence in key strategic markets and focusing on expanding our global reseller network with accomplished partners is a core focus in 2024 to drive our growth, increase market penetration, and accelerate the global adoption of our robotic inspection solutions.
— Satschin Bansal, Global VP Strategic Alliances & Partnerships, ANYbotics

ANYmal – Scaling Value for Automated Industrial Inspections

ANYbotics’ inspection solution, ANYmal, increases safety by minimizing worker exposure to hazardous environments, detecting anomalies in equipment early to improve predictive maintenance, and optimizing production through accurate and frequent data collection. ANYmal performs autonomous inspection and monitoring tasks in various industrial environments and provides immediate value through seamless integration with asset management software and digital twin platforms, enabling easy automation of inspections.

The initial deployment of ANYmal offers a compelling business case that grows with the size of the fleet. Customers order additional ANYmals to accelerate technology adoption, leverage established value drivers such as ROI, integrate data for actionable insights, and build a workforce of autonomous robots.

With more than 500 ANYmal units already reserved for 2024-2025, ANYbotics has effectively scaled its production output in collaboration with global manufacturing partners to meet demand from reseller partners worldwide.

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