ANYmal X complete Five-Week Test Program at Equinor Lab

The ability to implement new digital solutions is a crucial enabler of the energy transition. In collaboration with Equinor, ANYbotics has extensively tested ANYmal X in K-Lab at Equinor’s test facilities at Kårstø. ANYmal X completed five weeks of pre-configured tests in various Ex-zones.

Robot Testing in an Ex-rated Gas Plant

The ANYmal X was evaluated at the K-Lab test facility at Kårstø on the west-coast of Norway. K-Lab is a full-scale test facility located within the gas processing plant and it contains Ex-zones where hydrocarbons are actively being processed in the pipes. The test focused on operational autonomy, removing humans from dangerous areas, and data integration with Equinor software platforms.

ANYmal X on a mission during sunset at a facility at Equinor

ANYmal X autonomously inspected equipment at Equinor’s multi-level K-Lab Test Facility.

3D Mapping and Autonomous Inspection in Adverse Weather

ANYmal X inspected various equipment and instrumentation assets through preset visual and thermal measurements. As an important part of the test scope, ANYmal X digitally mapped large areas of the facility and created detailed point clouds used for navigation. The ANYmal X was found to have great mobility both in stairs and in traversing obstacles, allowing the robot to access locations otherwise difficult to reach for a robot.

ANYmal X during an inspection round checking various instruments

ANYmal X performed numerous outdoor visual equipment inspections in Ex-proof zones.

ANYmal X completed over 30 autonomous inspection missions on multiple levels. The majority of the inspection missions were conducted autonomously, with high repeatability. Besides the autonomous operation, selected missions were successfully operated remotely via LTE and VPN connections using the tablet UI. During the five weeks of deployment, ANYmal X performed in challenging weather conditions with wind speeds of 20 m/s, heavy rain, and 0°C temperatures.

User Experience and Field Support

ANYmal X was tested in an Ex-rated full-scale test facility with the help of ANYbotics Workforce. The user interface (UI) was used to quickly set up and verify missions and found to be intuitive for use by new users. To further accelerate implementation, ANYbotics provided a simulation model before going on-site. Initially, ANYbotics engineers assisted Equinor field engineers on-site, enabling them to operate ANYmal X independently for the remaining weeks.

ANYmal X training at Equnior. Operators with the tablet are steering ANYmal through the facility

The ANYbotics Workforce UI ensures the fast and efficient setting up of missions.

Data Integration with Equinor’s Inspection Platform

ANYmal X integrated with Equinor’s robot platform via its API and ROS. During inspection missions at the Kårstø facility, inspection data provided by ANYmal X integrated into Equinor’s robot-independent inspection platform using open-source Flotilla and ISAR fleet management software.

ANYmal X walks off the beaten tracks to inspect a facility from Equinor

ANYmal X integrated with Equinor’s inspection platform through the API and ROS.

Advancing the Development of ANYmal X

Through the Early Adopters Program, ANYmal X has demonstrated its ability to perform automated inspections at the Kårstø gas processing plant. A detailed test report shows positive results and highlights ANYmal X improvements going forward.

Long and extensive missions at K-lab showed that ANYmal X may reduce human involvement in night work through autonomous inspections and work at height through remote inspections and can contribute to plant integrity through continuous monitoring.

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About Equinor

The international energy company Equinor is the leading operator on the Norwegian continental shelf. Application of new technologies and digital solutions constitute a competitive advantage and is a key enabler for the energy transition.

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