ANYmal Benchmarks Industry-Grade Inspection Robotics at International Events

Industry expressed a clear and serious need for dependable and integrated robotic solutions at several events during Q2 2022.

ANYmal Outperforms at the SPRINT Robotics Fitness Challenge 2022

The SPRINT Robotics Fitness Challenge is an industry-funded benchmark where state-of-the-art robotic systems get tested regarding their inspection and maintenance capabilities. All required tasks are relevant to end-user applications and test robots in real-world situations.

ANYmal excelled in stair climbing, course navigation and the autonomous replanning of routes. We are very proud that ANYmal’s performance scored the highest in the Action Group Remote Operators (AGRO) category!

ANYmal performing at SPRINT Robotics Fitness Challenge, 1-2 June Rotterdam

ANYmal performing at SPRINT Robotics Fitness Challenge, 1-2 June Rotterdam

ANYbotics Wins the Product Innovation Award at IRCA 2022 in Philadelphia

“A versatile quadrupedal robot with high mobility for inspection and maintenance” – is how the IEEE motivated the granting of  the 2022 Robotics and Automation Award for Product Innovation to ANYbotics. 

The IEEE Robotics & Automation Society recognizes companies and individuals for their outstanding accomplishments, and service, to the international robotics and automation community.

ANYmal performing at SPRINT Robotics Fitness Challenge, 1-2 June Rotterdam

ANYmal registering at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics & Automation (IRCA2022), 23-25 May in Philadelphia, USA.

Accenture, Cognite and ANYbotics Present how End-to-End Robotic Inspection Solutions can be used by the Industry

ANYbotics, together with Cognite and Accenture, is propelling robotics into an era of intelligent, legged, mobile and autonomous robots. At Hannover MESSE and E-world, the three partners demonstrated how ANYmal performs multiple tasks, makes independent decisions in complex environments and integrates as an end-to-end solution with asset management software and digital twin platforms of industrial customers.

ANYmal - the center of attention at the Cognite booth

HANNOVER MESSE 2022, 30 May – 02 June: ANYmal – the center of attention at the Cognite booth.

Legged Mobility on the Rise at the European Robotics Forum

Transitioning from pilots to operational deployment was explored in two focused workshop presentations at ERF

The first by Marco Hutter entitled  “Legged Mobility on the Rise”  and the second by Karsten Sausen entitled  “Story behind the World’s first Ex-proof Legged Robot”. We were excited by the great interest in these workshops by the European robotics community.

Marco Hutter and ANYmal at ERF 2022

ANYmal attending Marco Hutter’s session about “Legged Robots on the Rise” at the European Robotics Forum 2022, 28-30 June, Rotterdam.

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