Legged robots provide ultimate mobility in any type of terrain and hence find application in various scenarios ranging from industrial inspection and rough terrain transportation to entertainment and animation. Research on legged robotics since 2009 resulted in the four-legged industrialized robot platform ANYmal, capable to move and operate autonomously in challenging terrain while interacting safely with the environment. As a multi-purpose robot platform it is applicable on industrial indoor or outdoor sites for inspection and manipulation tasks, in natural terrain or debris areas for search and rescue tasks, or on stage for animation and entertainment. Its four legs allow the robot to crawl, walk, run, dance, jump, climb, carry – whatever motion the task requires.


Industrial application areas of interest include

  • research institutes and universities working in legged locomotion
  • industries operating industrial sites such as oil&gas platforms, mines, construction sites, etc. or patrolling remote locations such as power transmission lines,
  • remote storehouses, access points to underground pipelines, etc.
  • industrial production or logistics plants running operations with mobile robots
  • agricultural and forest industries
  • governmental and non-governmental organizations with a need to supervise or inspect terrains or to search and interact with objects or humans, such as law
  • enforcement forces or rescue services
  • security organizations for surveillance of buildings or premises
  • hospitals, clinics, and other care institutions for transportation tasks
  • space robotics, exploration of extraterrestrial low gravity objects
  • etc.

Professional entertainment segments of interest include

  • amusement parks with artificial animals
  • movie, circus or theatre productions
  • museums, fairs, tourist guides
  • robot olympics, sport and entertainment games
  • robot companions for hospital, clinics, and elderly care institutions
  • etc.


Different capability levels of the ANYmal platform can be provided – be it a minimally equipped platform, capable to walk or run in remote control mode, or a typical autonomous platform that can be equipped for specific applications. Hardware and software interfaces are provided for a number of sensors, actuators or other accessories.

Typical skill features of a standard ANYmal platform include:

  • Outdoor operation: a ruggedized design allows for operation under harsh conditions (IP67)
  • Single operator: with a weight of 30 kg, the machine can be safely handled by a single operator
  • Extreme mobility: all joints can be rotated 360°
  • Fast locomotion: compliant actuation allows for dynamic gaits up to 1.0 m/s
  • Long endurance: onboard batteries ensure about 2-4 h operation
  • High autonomy: laser sensors and cameras provide localization and mapping

These skills are being demonstrated during the ARGOS challenge organized by Total.


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