Meet ANYmal, your new inspector

Extreme mobility

ANYmal robot stairs climbing

ANYmal’s legs provide unparalleled mobility when moving up and down stairs, climbing over obstacles, steps, and gaps, and crawling into tight spaces. It delivers reliable performance in harsh indoor and outdoor environments and through rain, splash water, wind, snow, and dust.

ANYmal omni directional icon

ANYmal stairs icon


ANYmal step icon

[25 cm]

ANYmal gap icon

[30 cm]

ANYmal slope icon


ANYmal overhanging icon

[60 cm]

  • ANYmal is fully protected against water and dust (IP67) and able to operate in humid and dusty conditions. In case of exposure to hazardous substances, rinse your ANYmal with water to release it from contamination.

  • Built for tough jobs, we designed ANYmal and its payload with impact protection for long-term operation.

  • Programmed for dexterity, ANYmal is able to get back on its feet should it lose balance.

  • ANYmal’s perception system operates in all light conditions including bright sunlight and full darkness.

Full autonomy

ANYmal autonomously navigates complex multi-story environments. Once guided through the environment, the robot remembers every detail and finds the quickest route to perform its mission. During operation, the robot’s system safely avoids obstacles and reliably moves over rough terrain.

Show & go

Teach ANYmal once where to go and what to do for repetitive inspection routines.

Obstacle avoidance

Built-in depth sensors perceive obstacles around the robot for smooth navigation.

Large-scale localization

ANYmal localizes at centimeter-accuracy in both confined spaces and large open environments.


Whenever needed, take over control and operate ANYmal manually with a view from its front and back cameras.
ANYbotics autonomy

Automatic docking

After finishing its mission, ANYmal connects itself to a docking station for recharging.

Range extension

Expand ANYmal’s inspection routes by deploying multiple docking stations at different locations.
ANYbotics docking station



battery run time



for 70% quick charge



for full charge

ANYmal carries built-in computation, eliminating the need for continuous network communication. If available, ANYmal connects through WiFi and optionally 4G/LTE.

Wifi icon


ANYmal’s built-in 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz WiFi network connects to an available network or creates its own local network.
4G LTE icon


Enable 4G/LTE telecommunication with an add-on module.

Inspection intelligence

ANYmal’s inspection payload provides visual, thermal, and acoustic insights for condition monitoring of equipment and infrastructure. The pan-tilt unit is used for scanning the environment around the robot and accurately positioning the built-in sensors for inspections of points of interest. AI-based inspection algorithms analyze the sensory data to interpret values, classify results, and detect anomalies.

Zoom camera

The visual camera provides a 20× optical zoom to take clear images and videos at far distances at 4K resolution.

Thermal camera

The thermal camera provides precise temperature readings in a range of -20–500°C without physical interaction.


The LED spotlight is used to support visual inspections in low-light conditions.

Ultrasonic microphone

Directional microphone for recording acoustic measurements in the audible and ultrasonic frequency range.

Pan-tilt unit

The high-range motion of the pan-tilt unit together with the robot base motion positions the sensors to check hard-to-reach places.

Edge computer

Built-in computation analyzes and protocols sensor readings, eliminating the need for continuous network communication.

  • A broad range of analog instruments and indicators can be digitized. Once trained on a type of instrument, the value or state is reliably identified.

    ANYbotics reading gauge


    Read off value of analog gauges


    Read out analog counters


    Check state of lever-operated valves


    Capture photo for manual analysis
  • Early signs of operating problems are caught by examining the general health of the equipment. During the inspection, ANYmal checks critical points for anomalies and reports severe problems immediately.

    ANYbotics acoustic inspection


    Measure temperatures at target locations


    Detect oil or water leakages


    Detect unusual vibrations through frequency analysis

    Missing parts

    Approve presence of safety-critical machine parts
  • Unforeseen technical events can result in hazardous situations. Equipped with sensitive sensors, ANYmal detects dangerous conditions in the environment and triggers a warning when required.

    ANYbotics detecting events


    Detect overheating in the environment


    Determine dangerous gas presence and concentration (optional)


    Detect alarms to clear emergency passages
  • Industrial environments require continuous bookkeeping of structural changes. ANYmal supports operations by scanning and documenting 3d environment data as a digital twin.

    ANYbotics 3D environment scanning


ANYmal navigates all walkable areas without the need for environmental adaptations.

Show & go

Setup inspection missions by guiding the robot through the environment.
ANYmal inspection autonomous robot show and go

Import CAD / BIM

Work digitally with existing 3d plant models and transfer the missions to the physical plant.
ANYmal legged robot cad and bim

Deployment UI

The ANYbotics intuitive UI (Workforce) enables a single operator to deploy and remotely control ANYmal, from any device, within hours. View and verify real-time data from visual, thermal, acoustic, and gas measurements, as well as 3D scans with Workforce.
Tablet UI ANYmal


ANYbotics modular

Modular Payload

ANYmal is expandable to tackle a wide range of applications with up to 15 kg in payload, built-in communication, power interfaces, programable onboard computers.

ANYbotics ROS


Program custom software to extend ANYmal’s capabilities and interface through the ROS (Robot Operating System) APIs and open-source ecosystem.

ANYmal legged robot simulation


Develop and test your custom software with the ANYmal simulator, providing realistic physics-based simulations and access to all sensor data and APIs.

ANYbotics help icon

Need help?

Our team of robotic experts offers custom integration work.



20× optical zoom, thermal, microphone, spotlight


up to 15 kg

Obstacle sensing

6× depth cameras

Environment mapping

360° LIDAR

Tele-operation cameras

2× wide-angle color cameras


90 min runtime (swappable)

Operating size (L×W×H)

80 × 60 × 70 CM


Ubuntu, ROS


WiFi & 4G/LTE (optional)


Charger, docking station, remote control, transportation box

Ready to get started?


See ANYmal in action at the following events:

May 2023 - 02 Jun 2023 London UK

ICRA 2023

We are excited to participate at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation, the largest event on the topic in 2023. Meet ANYbotics engineers and ANYmal at our booth and watch our presentation.
12 14
Jun 2023 Houston USA

Energy Drone+Robotics Summit 2023

For the first time, ANYbotics will present at the Energy Drone & Robotics Summit this year. We are keen to hear about your inspection needs, and we’ll present ANYmal and our new local reseller.
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