ANYdrive is a highly integrated modular robotic joint actuator that guarantees

  • very precise, low-impedance torque control,
  • high impact robustness,
  • safe interaction,
  • intermittent energy storage and peak power amplification

Motor, gear, titanium spring, sensors, and motor electronics are incorporated in a compact and sealed (IP67) unit and connected by a EtherCAT and power bus. With ANYdrive joint actuators, any kinematic structure such as a robot arm or leg can be built without additional bearings, encoders or power electronics.


ANYdrive’s innovative design allows for highly dynamic movements and collision maneuvers without damage from impulsive contact forces, and at the same time for highly sensitive force controlled interaction with the environment. This is of special interest for robots that should interact with humans, such as collaborative and mobile robots.

Application areas requiring a high level of interaction capabilities include

  • robots in direct safe contact and collaboration with human workers
  • industrial robot applications where tactile sensing and controlled interaction is needed, such as for polishing, grinding, or low tolerance assembly
  • legged mobile robots (bipeds, quadrupeds, …)
  • robots handling objects with badly defined geometry and position (agriculture, …)
  • medical rehabilitation devices like artificial limbs or wearable exoskeletons for locomotion therapy and support
  • tele-manipulators with haptic feedback
  • traction controlled wheels with slip prevention


ANYdrive – Robot Joint
integrated, robust, torque controllable


Peak/nominal power 720 W / 240 W
Nominal voltage 48 VDC
Peak/nominal torque 40 Nm / 15 Nm
Peak joint velocity 114 rpm (12 rad/s)
Dimensions (L x D) 95 x 90 mm
(w/o connector housing)
Mass 1.0 kg
Max. bending moment 120 Nm
Hollow shaft diameter 17 mm
Absolute joint position 18-bit, <0.025°
Joint output torque resolution <0.1 Nm
Torque control bandwith >60 Hz
Backlash ±0.02°
Control modes Position, torque, impedance,
velocity, or current control
Communication EtherCAT,
ROS integration


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