Robotic Inspection in the Oil & Gas
and Chemicals Industries

Watch this 45-minute webinar to learn about the technology and impact of automating routine inspections in the Oil & Gas and Chemicals industries. ANYbotics and industry leaders from Shell and Petrobras discuss about Robotic Inspection in the Oil & Gas Industries.

Webinar Content

ANYmal X robot for inspection at ex-proof environment

In this webinar we will cover the following topics:

State of the art in automating routine inspections with autonomous robots

Challenges in integrating robotics in the Oil & Gas and Chemicals operations

Introduction to the Ex-proof legged robot ANYmal X as end-to-end inspection solution

Application areas of robotic inspections to improve HSE, increase operational efficiency, and enable remote operations

Outlook on scaling robotic inspection across the Oil & Gas and Chemicals production chain

Q&A session with live audience

Meet your Oil & Gas industry guest panelists

Berry Mulder Shell

Berry Mulder, Manager Robotics, Shell

At Shell, Berry leads the Robotics Centre of Expertise – a group of industry experts whose main role is to incentivise and inspire Shell colleagues to consider how robotics can improve their own lines of business, whether through process automation, safety improvements, cost savings or carbon footprint reductions.

Gustavo Levin Petrobras

Gustavo Levin, R&D Manager, Petrobras

At Petrobras, Gustavo’s focus areas include innovation management, project and portfolio management, industrial automation, quality control, marketing and strategy. In his words, “ANYmal X can become an autonomous plant surveyor, an on-demand inspector and an important tool to respond to safety incidents”.

Meet your hosts

Péter Fankhauser Webinar Host

Dr. Péter Fankhauser

Dr. Péter Fankhauser is co-founder and CEO of ANYbotics. He holds a robotics doctorate degree from ETH Zurich and has been co-developing the technology behind the company’s products. Since the foundation of ANYbotics in 2016, Péter has been leading the company with the vision to create a workforce of autonomous robots.

Enzo Wälchi Host

Enzo Wälchli

Enzo is the Chief Commercial Officer of ANYbotics and leads the marketing, sales and field engineering activities. He holds a Double Master’s Degree from University of St. Gallen and spent the last decade in marketing, sales and business development for innovative solutions in the Oil & Gas, Power Generation and Construction industries.