Robotic Inspection at Chemical Plants with BASF

At FIRES Congress, ANYbotics and BASF experts discussed robotic inspection at chemical plants. Watch our 30 minutes webinar where together we unveil the challenges and benefits of working with autonomous robots at chemical plants. In this webinar, you will learn how our robotic solution supports you to enhance equipment uptime, safety, and data-driven decision making.

Webinar Content

ANYmal legged robot walking

In this webinar we will cover the following topics:

The impact of robotic inspection on condition monitoring of equipment and infrastructure at chemical sites.

Challenges in integrating robotics in chemicals operations.

An overview on how robotic inspection improves HSE, increase operational efficiency, and enable remote operations.

Best practices from scaling robotic solutions at BASF

Meet your BASF guest panelists

Webinar Robotic inspection at Chemical Plants Felix Volkmann BASF

Felix Volkmann, Asset Manager at BASF

At BASF, Felix Volkmann oversees intermediate products for the wind turbine industry. He is a production engineer that is responsible for improving the Ludwigshafen facilities through process automation, safety improvements, cost savings or carbon footprint reductions.

Webinar Robotic inspection at Chemical Plants Peter Welter BASF

Peter Welter, Automation Manager at BASF

Peter Welter is part of the global engineering office at BASF and his role is to support the production and research division for robotic and automation topics. Together with Felix Volkmann he is pushing the BASF boundaries to a more intelligent and safe work environment.

Meet your hosts

Péter Fankhauser Webinar Host

Dr. Péter Fankhauser

Dr. Péter Fankhauser is co-founder and CEO of ANYbotics. He holds a robotics doctorate degree from ETH Zurich and has been co-developing the technology behind the company’s products. Since the foundation of ANYbotics in 2016, Péter has been leading the company with the vision to create a workforce of autonomous robots.