SPRINT Robotics Webinar Series 2022


In this webinar, we’ll discuss automating routine inspections with robots, integrating robotics in Oil & Gas operations, and the benefits of using the ANYmal X robot for end-to-end inspections. We’ll also explore how robotic inspections improve safety, efficiency, and remote operations, along with the potential for scaling this technology in the Oil & Gas production chain. Finally, there will be a live Q&A session with the audience.

This webinar is an introduction to robotic inspection and covers the following topics:

State of the art in automating routine inspections with autonomous robots

Challenges in integrating robotics in the Oil & Gas operations

Introduction to the Ex-proof legged robot ANYmal X as end-to-end inspection solution

Application areas of robotic inspections to improve HSE, increase operational efficiency, and enable remote operations

Outlook on scaling robotic inspection across the Oil & Gas production chain

Live Q&A session with the audience