ANYmal X:
Robotic inspection in Ex-rated zones

This 20 minutes on-demand webinar focuses on bringing autonomous robotic
inspection into hazardous and potentially explosive environments.
Discover how ANYmal X, the world’s first ex-proof legged inspection robot,
increases equipment uptime, improves safety and enhances plant performance.

Webinar Content

ANYmal X inspection robot for ex-proof environments

This 20-minutes webinar will cover the following topics:

State-of-the-art in automating routine inspections with autonomous robots

Introduction to the Ex-proof legged robot ANYmal X as an end-to-end inspection solution

Industry use cases that improve health & safety, increase efficiency, and enable remote operations

Outlook on scaling automated robotic inspection across operations

Meet your host

Sten-Ove Tullberg

Sten-Ove Tullberg is ANYbotics Product Manager, and in this session, he will provide you with an introduction to inspection robots. He has been working to shape the future of ANYmal and is responsible for developing solutions that support business-ready applications in the rapidly evolving industrial world. He guarantees ANYmal is ready to fulfill the inspection needs of industries like Oil & Gas, Chemicals, and Mining.

Sten-Ove Tullberg