Meet ANYmal X, your Ex-proof robotic inspector for the Oil & Gas and Chemicals industries.

automated inspections

Our robotic solution provides advanced inspection reports by patrolling facilities and monitoring the condition of equipment and infrastructure.

End-to-end robotic inspection

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Autonomous mobility in any environment

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Super-human inspection intelligence

ANYbotics automated end-to-end workflow

Automated end-to-end workflow

ANYbotics autonomous mobility

Autonomous mobility
in any environment

ANYmal’s design enables autonomous navigation throughout complex and large-scale industrial facilities. Onboarding your ANYmal does not require special preparations within your facility, the robot uses its built-in sensors to adapt to its surroundings. ANYmal is waterproof and weatherproof, sparing your staff unnecessary exposure to harsh or dangerous conditions.


Overcomes complex terrain, steep staircases, and tight spaces


Autonomous in large-scale environments and obstacle avoidance for safe navigation

Indoor &

Designed for harsh environments no matter the weather and visibility conditions
ANYmal legged robot autonomous on stairs

Working in potentially explosive zones?

ANYbotics is developing an Ex-proof ANYmal for potentially explosive environments.

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inspection intelligence

ANYmal optimizes routine condition monitoring tasks through its ability to collect and report visual, thermographic, and vibration analysis. Our AI-based algorithms provide consistent, reliable, and up-to-date information on the health of your equipment and infrastructure.

Inspection &

Check pre-defined inspection points and monitor infrastructure for anomalies

Inspection Intelligence

AI-based analytics provide actionable inspection insights at unprecedented quality


Extend ANYmal’s capabilities with customized software and sensor payloads
ANYmal inspection robot data collection

Explore inspection capabilities

ANYbotics automated end-to-end workflow

end-to-end workflow

Pre-scheduled or upon your operator’s request, ANYmal performs automated inspection routines and integrates into existing Maintenance Management Systems to produce consistent inspection data and analysis reports. Work with a fleet of ANYmals to easily scale monitoring coverage and frequency.


Built-in data processing for short reaction times and bandwidth savings


All inspection data is associated with accurate temporal and 3D spatial information

Open API

ANYbotics’ open software interface enables integration with third-party maintenance solutions
ANYbotics automated end-to-end workflow
Rene Fitterer SAP

Dr. René Fitterer, CTO SAP Switzerland

“ANYbotics’ autonomous mobile robots can provide crucial additional information over existing data sources to gain further insights into the performance of industrial plants.”

Support services

ANYmal legged robot support team

Single point of contact

Your dedicated ANYmal Trainer ensures a successful rollout of your robotic inspection solution. You engage with a single point of contact for streamlined communication, efficient setup, and on-call troubleshooting.

Customer engineering

Every plant is unique. Our team of robotic inspection experts provides hardware and software integrations to adapt ANYmal to your plant’s inspection requirements.

Training & support

From initial consultation to ongoing support, ANYmal Trainers work hand-in-hand to educate your team on the technical operation and maintenance of your ANYmal robot or robotic fleet.

Safety & security

Our ANYmal Trainers work along international HSE regulations and are certified for offshore work. ANYbotics’ rigorous data-protection policies and protocols ensure the security of your proprietary information.

Getting started

ANYbotics expert consultation

Expert consultation

Work with our robotic inspection experts to assess the application of autonomous inspection robots in your operations.

Assess technical feasibility

Determine operational impact and ROI

Design implementation rollout plan

ANYbotics mission simulation

Mission simulation

Create virtual inspection routines offsite with the ANYmal simulator. Our physics-based simulation software enables remote mission setup and validation based on your facility’s CAD data or blueprints.

Test mobility at key locations

Optimize navigation paths

Validate inspection visibility

ANYbotics on site verification


ANYbotics provides on-site demonstrations to verify the impact of our robotic inspection solution at your facility. The results provide you the data and insights to implement ANYmal at enterprise scale.

Verify mobility and autonomy

Share sample inspection reports

Create alignment with your local team

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«The extrapolation of the savings over a year, for one plant, shows about a 1.5% increase in production uptime. This is a significant contribution directly attributable to ANYmal.»

André Kubitzky

Automization and Robotics, Grace
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Tailor-made offering

We partner with customers by identifying the inspection tasks, environment, and application requirements. Based on our analysis, we provide a custom offer that covers your exact needs.

Pricing structure

Pricing is determined according to customer’s needs and is based on the number of robots, accessories, inspection analytics modules, and supporting services such as commissioning and training.

Robot as a service (RaaS)

We are onboarding selected European customers with a care-free subscription service model. Contact us for more information and eligibility.

Get in touch

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See ANYmal in action at the following events:

04 05
Apr 2023 Essen Germany

Green Steel World Expo & Conference

For the first time at Green Steel Conference, we are excited to present innovative solutions to the steel industry. Meet us in Essen and get to experience our inspection robot ANYmal in action.
Apr 2023 3 pm UTC+1 (Berlin) time Online Webinar

Webinar: Automating Inspection

Regular inspection enables predictive maintenance and in this webinar, you learn about the jobs that can be automated with robots to get better data and keep workers safe.
May 2023 - 02 Jun 2023 London UK

ICRA 2023

We are excited to participate at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation, the largest event on the topic in 2023. Meet ANYbotics engineers and ANYmal at our booth and watch our presentation.
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