ANYmal C redefines how machines are able to support industrial operations. ANYmal C moves and operates autonomously in challenging environments and performs routine inspections with super-human capabilities.

Robotic Inspection

ANYmal C expands industrial operations and cloud-based solutions with the safety, reliability, accuracy, and endurance of a robot. ANYmal C autonomously delivers frequent data by monitoring equipment and environment and acts on demand to take additional measurements. By connecting the physical and digital world with a robot, predictive maintenance can be performed at a unprecedented quality level.

Inspection Features

ANYmal C executes pre-defined missions by carrying a range of sensors to collect and interpret physical properties of equipment and environment.

Reading instruments

A broad range of analogue instruments and indicators can be digitized with help of computer vision and learning based algorithms. Once trained on a type of instrument, the value or state is reliably identified and protocoled. If no image analysis is possible, a photo is saved for manual interpretation.


ANYmal C legged robot installation for routine inspection

Teach & repeat

Setup inspection missions by guiding the robot through all tasks.

Import CAD/BIM

Import existing 3d plant models for immediate robot deployment.

No changes needed

ANYmal C navigates all walkable areas without the need for environmental adaptations.

No WiFi required

ANYmal C carries all computation onboard eliminating the need for a network communication.

All weather/light conditions

ANYmal C is all-weather proof and operates under all indoor/outdoor light conditions.

Docking station

After mission completion, ANYmal C autonomously connects to a docking station.

Autonomous vs. teleoperated

ANYbotics teleoperated icon


The operator sends velocity commands to ANYmal C, feedback is provided via video-feed and 3d environment reconstruction. Requires a high-bandwidth and low-delay communication.
ANYbotics supervised icon


The operator selects a target location to command ANYmal C to navigate while avoiding obstacles. Works even with a low-bandwidth and high-delay communication.
ANYbotics autonomous icon


System operates fully autonomously on a pre-defined set of tasks. No data connection is required but feedback can be provided to the operator.

Are you interested?


See ANYmal in action at the following events:

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Jun 2024 Frankfurt Am Main Germany


See ANYmal in action at ACHEMA, the world's leading trade show for the process industries. Click on "Discover More" to visit the event website.
Jun 2024 Zurich Switzerland

AWS Cloud Leadership Day

Discover ANYbotics' expertise at the AWS Cloud Leadership Day, where we've been invited as speakers. Join us for insights into our integration of robotics with cloud technology, shaping the future of automation. Click on "Discover More" to visit the event website.    
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Jul 2024 Tokyo Japan

Maintenance and resilience Tokyo 2024

ANYbotics is thrilled to announce the present of ANYmal and our partner, Nihon Binary at the Maintenance and resilience exhibition in Tokyo to take an important step in the role of robotics to improve safety in every industry facilities and plants. Come and meet us to discover the future of maintenance. Click on "Discover More" to visit the event website.
09 12
Sep 2024 Belo Horizonte Brazil

Exposibram 2024

ANYbotics partner, PUR, presents ANYmal at Exprosibram, the biggest HUB of mining experience in Latin America. We look forward to meet you to discuss the potential of robotic inspection solutions in the mining sector. Click "Discover More" to visti the event website.
11 12
Sep 2024 Zurich Switzerland

ANYbotics Industry Forum 2024

Join our 3rd ANYbotics Industry Forum - a gathering point for top voices and experts in the industrial inspection and robotics ecosystem that enables exchange between companies driving the operational adoption of inspection robots
11 12
Sep 2024 Alberta Canada

Oil Sands Expo

We are pleased to announced Microwatt Controls's presence at the Oil and Sand Expo as ANYbotics Partners. Come and meet us to discover how to optimise plant operations with robotic inspection solutions. Click on "Discover More" to visit the event website.
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Sep 2024 Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Rio Oil&Gas

Embrace the future of robotics with PUR, ANYbotics's partner, and discover all the opportunity of automate industrial inspections solutions in the Oil&Gas industry at on of the biggest and exclusive hub in the sector. Click on "Discover More" to visit the event website.
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Sep 2024 Las Vegas Nevada


Experience ANYbotics' groundbreaking innovations at Minexpo, one of the largest mining exhibitions. Join us to explore how our robotic solutions are revolutionizing the mining industry, paving the way for safer and more efficient operations. Click on "Discover More" to visit the event website.    
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Oct 2024 Dubai UAE

GITEX 2024

Come and meet ANYmal at Gitex Global the biggest tech and startup show in Dubai in October. ANYbotics' partner SIGMA will showcase our  robotics solution to guide you to the full potential of industrial automation and inspections. Click on "Discover More" to visit the event website.
16 17
Oct 2024 Bergen Norway

OTD Bergen

Together with Adpetor our reseller and partner we will showcase our inspection robotic solutions at one of the leading event for technology and solution in the energy sector. Click on "Discover More" to visit the event website.
29 30
Oct 2024 Antwerp Belgium

SPRINT Robotics World Conference 2024

Meet ANYbotics and ANYmal, your new inspector for your facilities, at the largest world conference for inspection and maintenance robotics. Click on "Discover More" to visit the event website.
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Nov 2024 Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates


ANYbotics presents ANYmal together with our local partner Sigma Enterprises. We look forward to meeting you to discuss the potential of inspection robotics at your facilities. Click on "Discover More" to visit the event website.
26 27
Nov 2024 Dubai UAE

The mining show

The mining show is where operators, integrators, and solution providers meet to advance knowledge of development and change in mining across Middle East, Africa and South Asian region. Meet our partner and reseller SIGMA to get a true insight of ANYmal and its impact on the mining sector.
26 29
Nov 2024 Dubai UAE

Big 5 global

See ANYmal in action during the Big 5 Global, the world's leading trade show for the construction industry, presented by ANYbotics partner and reseller, SIGMA. Click on "Discover More" to visit the event website.