Install ANYmal
in one day

Automate inspection tasks by setting up your
robot without changing your facilities.

Drag & drop your inspection tasks

Plan and manage inspection missions by telling the robot where to go and what to do. Once ready, ANYmal will find the quickest route to perform its mission and will provide you real-time information on the status of each task.

Deploy your robot in no time

Prepare your missions by importing existing CAD/BIM facility models or create a 3d map with the robot on the fly. Need help? ANYbotics experts will support you throughout the deployment.

Virtual setup with CAD/BIM models


Simulation and on-site




1 day

Import your existing CAD models and perform realistic simulations of your inspection missions and software integration before the robot arrives at your facility. With the simulation you can test missions, mobility at key locations, data integration and save installation time on-site.

On-site setup at your industrial facilities




PLY and E57


2 days

Guide the robot through your facilities and capture your inspection points to plan a mission on-site. The robot will remember the tasks and autonomously repeat the inspection routines.

Accurate navigation for reliable autonomy

ANYmal safely navigates your facilities by precisely knowing its position in the environment with Pharos — ANYbotics' proprietary 3D SLAM software.
Mapping accuracy of 1–3 cm through the fusion of Lidar and depth cameras.
Full coverage of large facilities with the ability to build maps with up to 4 km of range in one go.
Continuous operation with no need for navigation markers, QR codes, or GPS connectivity.

Industry-leading autonomous data collection

ANYmal legged robot installation offline autonomy system icon
Offline autonomy

ANYmal collects and stores inspection data autonomously even if no Wi-Fi or 4G/LTE is available. Once a network is available, the robot will stream the information and progress to your systems.

ANYmal legged robot installation battery recharging
Autonomous battery recharging

ANYmal ensures all inspection tasks and missions are completed. When running out of charge, it will autonomously go to the nearest docking station to recharge. In 3 hours the battery is full again and ANYmal is ready to continue its shift.

ANYmal legged robot installation AI mobility with Trekker
AI-based mobility to reach the inaccessible

ANYmal's mobility is powered by our custom AI, Trekker, to navigate complex plants with ease. It enables the robot to reach places at an unprecedented reliability with no need for modification of the facility. Let ANYmal climb industrial stairs, overcome steps, and crawl underneath obstacles with the magic of AI.

ANYmal legged robot installation dynamic obstacle avoidance icon
Safely shares workspaces with your team

ANYmal continuously checks for people and objects in its surroundings to avoid collisions. It will even move around dynamic obstacles, wait for the path to clear, or find an alternative route to reach its destination.

ANYmal legged robot installation object reading icon
Automatic object recognition for high-quality data

It is able to recognize nearly any object and to extract its information with its machine learning algorithm. In case the object is moved to a different angle, the robot can be programmed to take a new position to capture the data accurately, eliminating the need for costly sensors.

ANYmal legged robot installation inspection mission control icon
Full control of inspection missions

Observe the progress of ANYmal's inspection routine on a remote computer. The user interface enables you to see the robot's location, the current and past captured data, the mission progress, and more. At any time, you can interrupt the mission, live stream camera data, control the robot's movement, and take additional measurements for more insights.

Seamless data integration for automated reporting

While performing its inspection mission, ANYmal reads inspection objects, surveys the environment for anomalies, and records results. The robot then organizes and encrypts the data to be transferred to your system.

Captured inspection results and identified anomalies can be integrated via the ANYmal API to the plant's Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) or Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

Access and review complete inspection reports directly in PDF and XML format for quick decision making.

Plan and manage your robots from a single system

ANYbotics customized solution for industrial sites

ANYbotics provides a turnkey robotic inspection solution and supports customers with custom payloads, training, on-site installation, and API integration. Let’s start? 

ANYbotics webinar Robot Installation in Industrial Plants

Join us in this practical webinar where we will guide you through the major elements of robotic mission setup and execution. We provide a practical look into ANYmal’s latest software capabilities to enable safe and effective robotic inspection missions.

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