ANYbotics provides solutions for a new level of mobility and interaction capabilities for robots to step out of the factory floors. We develop the market for highly mobile legged robots operating in challenging environments.

The next major step in robot evolution will see robots leaving the structured factory environment. This requires versatile and highly mobile mechanical devices to move and operate autonomously in unstructured environments, collaborating with humans where needed.

As a consequence, robot capabilities will be massively improved in three areas:

  • Mobility: Cope with steps or gaps, obstacles and rough terrain
  • Interaction: Collaborate safely with humans or work in unstructured environment
  • Autonomy: Execute service tasks without assistance while reacting on changing environment

ANYbotics develops unique solutions to all of the above three challenges. We provide the market with unique products, each one providing its own customer benefits:

  • the mobile robot system ANYmal, an electrically driven four-legged autonomous robot platform satisfying the most advanced mobility requirements
  • the robot joint ANYdrive, an joint actuator unit satisfying the most advanced interaction requirements for any robot-like device
  • the legged robot’s brain ANYbalance, a balancing control software that optimally distributes ground contact forces and thereby maximizes stability and safety of any legged or wheeled active suspension system operating in rough terrain.


ANYbotics AG was founded in 2016 by a group of ETH Zurich engineers. It is a spin-off company of the Robotic Systems Lab (RSL), ETH Zurich, receiving support from the Wyss Translational Center, Zurich, the Gebert Rüf Foundation and the NCCR Robotics Spin Fund, as well as the ESA Business Incubation Centre, Switzerland.

Since 2009, around 100 man years of extensive and focused research on legged robotic systems in one of the leading research institutes in the world went into the development of ANYmal and its component products. The research started in the legged robotics group at the Autonomous Systems Lab (ASL), ETH Zurich and was continued at the RSL. The performance of the actuation system, of the balancing control, and of the entire legged robot was demonstrated to the research community and improved over several years, first on the early StarlETH platform and later on ANYmal.

ANYmal’s capability to navigate and move dynamically in very challenging terrain was demonstrated for the first time by its participation in the ARGOS challenge organized by the French oil & gas group Total. There, numerous advanced autonomous surveillance and intervention tasks need to be completed safely on a replica of a multi-floor industrial oil & gas platform in a potentially hazardous offshore environment.

ETH Spinoff

Gebert Rüf Stiftung





Hanspeter Fässler

Executive Chairman

Marco Hutter

Member of the Board

Christian Gehring


Péter Fankhauser


Fredrik Isler


Andreas Lauber


Remo Diethelm

Robotics Software Engineer

Samuel Bachmann

Robotics Software Engineer

Fabian Günther

Robotics Mechanical Engineer

Linus Isler

Robotics Software Engineer

Karl Kangur

Electrical Engineer

Karol Luszcz

Electrical Engineer

David Sekanina

Robotics Mechanical Engineer

Fabio Flütsch

Mechanical Engineer

Marco Pagnamenta

Electrical Engineer

Francisco Giráldez Gámez

Robotics Software Engineer

Harmish Khambhaita

Robotics Software Engineer

Yoshua Nava

Robotics Software Engineer

Mario Mauerer

Robotics Electrical Engineer

Gabriel Hottiger

Robotics Software Engineer

Marco Sütterlin

Robotics Software Engineer

Severin Aregger

Robotics Mechanical Engineer

John Martin

Robotics Mechanical Engineer

Gailey Leseman

Intern, Robotics Mechanical Engineer

Maximilian Wulf

Robotics Software Engineer

Nicolà Büchi

Robotics Technician

Valentin Yuryev

Robotics Software Engineer

Ursin Hutter

Robotics Mechanical Engineer

Aravind Vijayan

Robotics Software Engineer

Taihei Ueno

Robotics Mechanical Engineer

Philipp Leemann

Robotics Software Engineer

Guoxiang Zhou

Intern, Robotics Software Engineer

Raphael Schranz

Robotics Electrical Engineer

Roland Siegwart

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