Robotic Package Delivery with ANYmal

ANYbotics partnered with Continental to demonstrate robotic last-meter package delivery by combining a self-driving vehicle with the legged robot ANYmal.

The yearly Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV, is the world’s largest trade fair for business and consumer technologies. At CES 2019, the German automotive manufacturing company Continental demonstrated their vision for seamless mobility in goods delivery. Joining forces with ANYbotics, Continental showcased cascaded robot delivery by combing a self-driving shuttle with the autonomous legged robot ANYmal.

Image Credit: Continental AG

Due to the growth in global e-commerce and urbanization, the need for automated delivery is significantly increasing. Continental envisions a holistic delivery concept that improves availability, efficiency, and safety in the parcel delivery value chain. To solve the last-meter/last-yard delivery, a driverless vehicle, such as Continental’s CUbE shuttle, carries multiple mobile robots to deploy packages all the way to the consumer.

At CES, visitors could experience how ANYmal exits a driverless shuttle while safely carrying a parcel with a weight of up to 10 kg. Lidar and cameras allow the system to perceive the environment and climb over challenging terrains such as curbs, stairs, and other obstacles on the ground. Enabled by ANYmal’s fully rotatable legs, the robot rings the doorbell with its foot and drops the package in front of the door, before returning to the self-driving shuttle to pick up the next parcel.

ANYbotics Update December 2018

2018 was an exciting year for ANYbotics. With a striving team of soon 30 people, we delivered numerous ANYmal robots and ANYdrive actuators to our customers and managed to deploy robotic inspection into new applications. We would like to thank our team, our customers and partners for their commitment and support – the best is yet to come!

First Robotic Offshore Deployment
ANYbotics partners with the Dutch-German transmission system operator TenneT and has evaluated autonomous robotic inspection of their offshore wind energy converter platforms in a two-week pilot installation.


When High Tech Goes Underground
ANYmal was deployed for the inspection of sewage canals in Zurich in partnership with a Horizon 2020 research project by the European Commission.


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World’s First Autonomous Offshore Robot

In September 2018, the ANYbotics field team boarded a helicopter to fly out to one of the world’s largest offshore converter platforms in the North Sea. Equipped with a customized sensorhead, our four-legged robotic platform ANYmal autonomously performed various inspection tasks of the platform in a one-week pilot installation, making it the world’s first autonomous offshore robot.

Offshore Wind Farms

Offshore energy production is a key component of the global energy supply. Apart from oil and natural gas extraction, wind energy is increasingly being produced offshore. One of the key innovators in this field is the Dutch-German transmission system operator TenneT, which connects large-scale offshore wind farms to the onshore grid over a high voltage DC connection. Set out to provide reliable and low-cost energy transmission and distribution, the company adopts most recent technologies.

Robotic Inspection with ANYmal

ANYbotics is partnering with TenneT to evaluate robotic inspection and maintenance on their offshore converter platforms. In periods of unmanned platform operation, a mobile robot helps to reduce the risk of disruptions and ensures the security of the electricity supply. Based on its autonomous navigation capabilities, ANYmal performs routine inspection tasks to monitor machine operations, read out sensory equipment and detect thermal hotspots and oil or water leakages. Whenever required, ANYmal can be remotely operated from an onshore control center in order for TenneT to receive real-time information through the robot’s onboard visual and thermal cameras, microphones and gas detection sensors.

Successful Pilot Installation

Before being deployed on the offshore mission, the ANYbotics field team underwent a rigorous safety training including helicopter escape and survival on sea scenarios. After being taken on a guided tour of the platform to 3D-map the environment and learn the position and characteristics of all inspection points, ANYmal autonomously navigated the platform and processed inspection protocols. The video documents a fully autonomous mission, covering a total of 16 inspection points such as gauges, levers, oil- and water levels and various other visual and thermal measurements.

ANYbotics Update September 2018

See You at IROS 2018, October 1st!

If you are attending this year’s International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) in Madrid, make sure to visit us at our booth nr. 48. ANYbotics will demonstrate the legged robot ANYmal and the robotics actuator ANYdrive. Come by and say hi!

TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award 2018 ANYbotics in the TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award 2018
Each year, the 100 most innovative and promising Swiss startups are picked by Venturelab and we are proud to have been selected.


University of LeedsUniversity of Leeds Joins ANYmal Research
The University of Leeds uses the quadrupedal robot ANYmal as platform for their work in field robotics on exploration and infrastructure.


Bright Day 2018ANYmal at Bright Day 2018
ANYmal will be a special guest at Bright Day 2018, the biggest technology festival of the Netherlands on November 24 & 25, 2018, save the date!


Open PositionsOpen Positions for Mechanical and Software Engineers
ANYbotics is seeking robotics engineers joining our team to develop the future of robot mobility. The open positions include mechanical design and robotics software engineers.

ANYmal Prepares for the Soccer World Cup Finals

On Sunday, Croatia and France are playing for the 2018 World Cup title. ANYmal has also been infected by the worldwide football hype and has been training diligently in the last weeks to learn how to kick.


ANYbotics Update June 2018

New ANYmal Video, Website & Article
Watch our recently released video about the applications and features of the legged robot ANYmal. The ANYmal website has also undergone a redesign, and we have published an article about the technology behind ANYmal.


ANYbotics wins IEEE ICRA Robot Launch Startup Competition
At the IEEE ICRA 2018 Conference in Brisbane, ANYbotics won the Robot Launch Startup Competition organized by Silicon Valley Robotics.


Visit Us at Automatica, IROS, and ONS
ANYmal and ANYdrive are exhibited at the Automatica Fair in Munich (Hall B4, Stand 317), the International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) in Madrid, and the Offshore North Sea (ONS) conference in Stavanger, Norway.


University of Oxford Joins ANYmal Research
The Dynamic Robot Systems Group of the Oxford Robotics Institute acquired an ANYmal robot as one of their platforms to conduct research in control, perception, and navigation.


ANYmal Appears on The X-Files
In the latest season of The X-Files TV series, ANYmal had a guest appearance alongside the famous FBI Special Agents Scully & Mulder. Read all about it in our blog post.


Open Position for Robotics Engineers
ANYbotics is seeking robotics engineers joining our team to develop the future of robot mobility and interaction. The open positions include control, navigation, computer vision, electric drive specialists and more.

How ANYmal got into The X-Files

Robot ANYmal chasing agents Scully and Mulder from The X-Files.

ANYmal appears on The X-Files (Season 11, Episode 7, aired on February 28th, 2018) alongside David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Shane Harvey/FOX

With the fingers on the joystick, we were ready, and (probably) more nervous than the star of the day itself. “Action!” The robot ANYmal runs down a dark hallway, chasing agents Scully and Mulder in a nerve-racking pursuit. This scene is one out of many in which ANYmal got to act in the newest episode of the television show The X-Files (no spoilers, we promise).

For decades, people are fascinated by robots, and this fascination has not worn off. So when we got a call with the question if our robotic platform ANYmal could be part of The X-Files, we were super excited.

ANYmal is a four-legged robot designed to go into places which other robots cannot reach. Carrying a payload consisting of cameras, microphones, gas detection and many other sensors, we have developed ANYmal to support professionals in their work to ensure the safety of industrial sites by regular inspection. While ANYmal is also used to entertain people and make them laugh (see for example Kids meeting ANYmal at a Zoo), this was the first time for it to slip into the role of the “bad guy.”

ANYbotics engineers on set

The ANYbotics engineers Samuel, Christian, and Linus (top to bottom) on set preparing for the next scene.

To our positive surprise, the producers and their team decided to work with real robots instead of relying solely on visual effects. To make this reality, our team packed one of our ANYmal robots and flew to Vancouver, British Columbia, to spend a week on set to film various scenes in a warehouse. Coordinating with the actors, the camera, light, stage, and sound teams, we set up and steered ANYmal to deliver a TV-worthy performance. Because one of the scenes would not have been possible without the risk of damaging the real robot, we were happy to find a perfect look-alike stunt double for ANYmal.

ANYmal stunt double

ANYmal stunt double (left) and real robot (right).

We hope we got you excited to watch this special episode of The X-Files (Season 11, Episode 7, aired on February 28th, 2018 on FOX). We thank the entire team for making this happen! For more information about ANYmal, please visit

ANYbotics Update August 2017

ANYmal Beth and Bedi

ANYmal is a big step forward for mobile robotics.

First ANYmal Customer Delivery

In our mission to let robots go anywhere, we have developed ANYmal, one of the most advanced mobile robot. ANYmal features powerful motion and navigation capabilities in a rugged, water-proof design – to get the job done, where other robots cannot. After eight years of research, we are proud to announce that the first ANYmal has stepped off the factory floor and was successfully delivered to the University of Edinburgh. The researchers at the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics will use ANYmal to research on legged locomotion, perception, and motion planning.

ANYdriveANYdrive Pre-Release
The ANYdrive with EtherCAT communication is now available as pre-release for selected customers. We are looking for tough use cases from industry and research. Tell us about your application and get your hands on the ANYdrive.


ANYmal at 2017 WPC StairsANYmal at the World Petroleum Congress
ANYmal demonstrated its abilities in Istanbul at the 2017 World Petroleum Congress in collaboration with TOTAL. Fully autonomously, ANYmal inspected visual checkpoints, took sensor readings, and navigated through a challenging parkour of steps, gaps, obstacles, and stairs. Read the article on the International Business Times.


At ICRA 2017 Conference in Singapore, ANYbotics was announced finalist for the IEEE/IFR Invention and Entrepreneurship Award (IERA) for the modular robot joint actuator ANYdrive.

ANYbotics Update April 2017

ANYmal has successfully competed in a competition for autonomous robots for gas and oil sites. Credit: Benjamin Valette

Successful ARGOS Challenge Completion

In the quest for an Autonomous Robot for Gas and Oil Sites, five teams competed in the ARGOS Challenge organized by Total and ANR. At the finals this year, the robots underwent six missions consisting of realistic operational situations on industrial sites. Our team successfully completed the challenge and put ANYmal through a series of challenging tasks. These included fast and robust locomotion on the site over steps, obstacles, and stairs, automated docking, accurate localization and mapping, autonomous mission planning and decision making, and a series of challenging visual, thermal, and auditive inspection tasks. Throughout the challenge, ANYmal has proven its endurance and robustness by continuous multi-hour operation even under heavy water impact and occasional falls.

HANNOVER MESSE, 24–28 April 2017
Get to know ANYbotics at the world’s leading industrial fair in Hannover, Germany. Our booth will be located at the Swiss Pavilion in Hall 2, Stand C39.


ESA BIC Supports ANYbotics
The ESA BIC Switzerland programme launched by the European Space Agency (ESA) has selected ANYbotics for supporting the development of ANYmal.


euRobotics Techtransfer Award
The third price of the euRobotics Techtransfer Award has been awarded for the technology transfer from ETH Zurich’s Robotic Systems Lab to ANYbotics.


ANYdrive-Based Mobile Manipulation at MBZIRC
At the MBZIRC the team from ASL and RSL used a mobile manipulator based on ANYdrives and won the second place in the grand challenge. Congratulations! uses cookies from Google to deliver its services and to analyse traffic. Information about your use of this site is shared with Google. By using this site, you agree to its use of cookies. more information

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