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maintenance and improve digital

Inspection Intelligence Service

André Kubitzky
We are driven by a passion for technological advancement and a desire to create a positive impact on society. Since 2009, our team pioneers robotics technology with the focus to deliver customer value through increased productivity, plant sustainably, and improved lives of workers.

Monitor Assets in Operation

Capture digital readings of equipment to verify status and condition. Monitor assets frequently to identify patterns and anomalies.
Monitor Assets in Operation
Consistently capture high-quality images from identical view pointsRead data from manometers, gauges, counters, LCD displays, and valvesDetermine the state of levers
Set predetermined thresholds for reporting of anomaliesRetrieve context with each reading through accurate location and time

Identify Thermal Anomalies

Capture thermal measurements to assess mechanical and electrical issues. Identify thermal anomalies and trigger operator notifications. Frequent automated thermal inspection provides powerful, previously undetected, insights about the condition of equipment.
Identify Thermal Anomalies
Frequently capture consistent high-quality thermal imageFocus on circular regions of interest within thermal imagesAnalyze within a preset temperature range to ignore background noise
Set high & low thresholds for reporting of anomaliesRetrieve context with each reading through accurate location and time

Detect Gas Presence

Measure and visualize hazardous gas concentrations throughout your facility. Monitor combustible and toxic gas concentration levels in real-time and enable operators to take early precautionary measures. Localize to raise awareness of areas with leaks.
Detect Gas Presence
Capture gas concentration levels for hydrocarbon and toxic gasesCover large-scale sites with one device through mobile sensingFind gas sources faster with gas concentration visualization in maps
Receive real-time feedback on gas concentration through user interfaceDetect a variety of gas types through a modular design

Improve Digital Facility Records

Perform reality capture scans of facilities at regular intervals to update BIM or Digital Twin systems and track environmental changes. Make on-demand 3D models available more accurately, cheaper and quicker with ANYmal’s Leica BLK ARC payload integration.
Improve Digital Facility Records
Autonomously scan facilities to keep records up-to-dateUse integrated Lidar or mount scanner payload for high-end resultsAutomate data transfer through cloud and API integration
Build large scale maps with up to 4 km of walking range in one runExport maps in standard formats for post-processing in external software

Improving Industry Efficiency through automated robotic inspections

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Apr 2024 Goyang South Korea

Korea Chem 2024

Explore the premier Korean exhibition for chemical industry professionals. Meet us and our partner Geosystems at the event to talk about you ANYmal case!
13 17
May 2024 Yokohama Japan


Together with our reseller Nihon Binary we will present our robotic solution at the ICRA event this May. Come meet us and explore the future of robotics. Click on "Discover More" to visit the event website.
15 16
May 2024 Berlin Germany

AWS Summit Berlin

ANYbotics is thrilled to be a featured speaker at the AWS Summit Berlin in May, where we will discuss the fusion of robotics and cloud computing, offering a glimpse into the future of automation. Join us for an insightful session you won't want to miss!  
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May 2024 Lisbon Portugal

The Digital Oil & Gas Summit 2024

Come meet ANYbotics at the Digital Oil and Gas Summit in Lisbon this May, where we'll showcase our tailored robotic solutions, revolutionizing the industry with cutting-edge automation technologies. Click on "Discover More" to visit the event website.    
30 31
May 2024 Geneva Switzerland

AI for Good Global Summit

Join ANYbotics for the second time at the AI for Good Global Summit, where we'll highlight our contributions to leveraging AI for positive impact. Explore our innovative robotic solutions and learn how we're shaping a better future through technology. Click on "Discover More" to visit the event website.    
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Jun 2024 Frankfurt Am Main Germany


See ANYmal in action at ACHEMA, the world's leading trade show for the process industries. Click on "Discover More" to visit the event website.
Jun 2024 Zurich Switzerland

AWS Cloud Leadership Day

Discover ANYbotics' expertise at the AWS Cloud Leadership Day, where we've been invited as speakers. Join us for insights into our integration of robotics with cloud technology, shaping the future of automation. Click on "Discover More" to visit the event website.    
24 26
Sep 2024 Las Vegas Nevada


Experience ANYbotics' groundbreaking innovations at Minexpo, one of the largest mining exhibitions. Join us to explore how our robotic solutions are revolutionizing the mining industry, paving the way for safer and more efficient operations. Click on "Discover More" to visit the event website.    
29 30
Oct 2024 Antwerp Belgium

SPRINT Robotics World Conference 2024

Meet ANYbotics and ANYmal, your new inspector for your facilities, at the largest world conference for inspection and maintenance robotics. Click on "Discover More" to visit the event website.
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Nov 2024 Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates


ANYbotics presents ANYmal together with our local partner Sigma Enterprises. We look forward to meeting you to discuss the potential of inspection robotics at your facilities. Click on "Discover More" to visit the event website.